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110v Tanning Beds

Are you stuck with a 110v tanning bed you cannot use because it is incompatible with the voltage standard where you are? Do not panic—there are several ways to make your tanning bed work. All you need are the right tools. Here are some tips to help:

Buy buck boosters

If you want to use your 110v tanning bed in an outlet with 220 volts, then a buck booster may become your best friend. A buck booster is an adaptor specially designed for tanning beds. It acts as a voltage regulator – it simply controls and ‘translates' the flow of electricity into your tanning bed so that only the right amount gets in. The buck booster alters the voltage coming out of the socket by either ‘boosting' it (adding to it) or ‘bucking' it (reducing it).

How do you know if you definitely need a buck booster? Read the manual that came with your 110v tanning bed – if it says that the bed operates on a ‘choke start' system, you will probably need a buck booster. This is because choke start systems depend heavily on voltage, and introducing too much or too little power can possibly damage the whole bed. Most manufacturers make buck boosters in a +/- 12/24 or +/- 16/32 configuration, meaning, the buck boosters can be adjusted to either boost or reduce your voltage.

Buck boosters for 110v tanning beds come in different sizes. Most beds require those that are 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, or 2.0 in size. How do you know what size you need? Determine your 110v tanning bed's running amperage. Generally, a 110v tanning bed with about 24 to 28 lamps use 0.5, and those with more than 30 lamps use 1.0. The more lamos your 110v tanning bed Always consult your bed manufacturer and ask specifically what size (and how many) KVA buck booster(s) your unit requires.

It is best to consult with a professional electrician because he or she can accurately verify what voltage you have, and if you need a buck booster at all. As much as possible, you should buy a buck booster from the manufacturer of your 110v tanning bed to ensure compatibility. If none is available, you can try reputable adaptor manufacturers. Expect to spend about $135 to $165 on a decent buck booster.

Voltage converters

Have a professional electrician come and inspect your 110v tanning bed to find out if you could use voltage converters instead. Voltage converters are generally cheaper than buck boosters, but not all 110v tanning beds work well with it. Be sure to ask a professional or at least a customer service representative from the manufacturer of your 110v tanning bed before you buy and plug anything. Remember – the wrong kind of converter can damage your 110v tanning bed and cause you to lose even more money! There are different types of voltage converters – there are step-down and step-up converters, and there are also voltage stabilizers. It's impossible to figure out which one you should use, so enlist the help of an electrician if you do not have a solid background in electrical systems yourself.