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The Benefits of Bion Tanning

Do you want a naturally tanned looking face without the uneven skin tone, red cheeks, red nose, chapped lips, wrinkles and fine lines that usually comes from regular tanning? Then the bion tanning system is perfect for you. Why should you have a beautiful even tan on your body and not on your face? The bion tanning system provides many benefits to those of us who love our faces to look naturally tanned all year round.

Many of us love the look of tanned skin. Those of us who strive to have that all over natural tan know how difficult it preserve that even glow on the face. The face is the hardest part of the body to maintain even colour through tanning. The bion tanning system provides simple tanning with natural results for your face. Face tanning has never been so simple.   

While this system can be used at the tanning salon, the bion tanning system has also been designed for portable use, which means that you can prolong that all over even face tan wherever you are, all year round. The bion tanning system can be your own manageable face tanning bed, so there’s no need to actually go to the salon anymore and you can maximize your time by tanning in your own home. Bion tanning only takes up to 15 minutes to achieve that even face tan we all love. All you have to do is find somewhere to relax and put on your goggles. You don’t even have to watch the clock because the bion tanning system can be set by you according to your tanning needs. The bion tanning system also has an inbuilt safety timer that will shut it off automatically to prevent over exposure. Simple and safe.

Whatever skin type you have, bion tanning is adaptable so that you can achieve the glow you want. Because it is so safe and simple, the bion tanning system is perfect for people with the fairest of skin as it can be used a few times per week, free from the risks of sunburn and skin cancer. Regular tanning has also been linked to assisting the minimizing of acne outbreaks and pimples under the skin. So many individuals are enjoying new confidence boosts from healthy natural glowing skin from bion face tanning.

Bion tanning also ensures safe tanning of the facial areas which causes skin to create more Vitamin D through exposure to UV light. Essential for bone strength and other health needs, Vitamin D is produced by our skin makes through exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays. The bion tanning system supports the skin producing this essential nutrient naturally through safe and effective tanning.

With the bion tanning system, we can all enjoy the healthy summer glow even in winter. With an all round even tan you will be far from suffering the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, or most commonly the winter blues. The bion tanning system will ensure that you get the benefits of the sun even in the gloom of winter.

Bion tanning holds excellent benefits by way of convenience, time, cost and health. To achieve that all over natural glow without risking damage from the sun, the bion tanning system will be your answer to matching a beautiful body tan with an equally natural even face tan all year round.