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Bion Tanning Lotions

The bion tanning system allows for an all over face tan that can match a beautiful body tan throughout the entire year. A natural and gorgeous summer bronze can be achieved and managed easily with the right care.

To ensure your tan holds that natural and even glow you should use bion tanning lotions. These lotions provide protection throughout the tanning process ensuring the best care for the delicate facial area. Bion tanning lotions allow you to make the most of a tanning experience by aiding the actual process of tanning.

When you use the bion tanning system, the process of tanning continues even after your session. Bion tanning lotions contain an amino acid called tyrosine that encourages the body to produce melanin. Melanin provides many benefits to human beings, being the pigment in skin that gives it colour. The more melanin you hold in your skin, the darker the skin tone. One of the most known benefits is that melanin provides a natural protection to the damaging effects of UV rays as it acts as a sunscreen.  

Bion tanning lotions will also aid the skin in conserving melanin through a natural build up of the important amino acid, tyrosine, which in turn will slow down the exfoliation process that can break down a tan. Tyrosine is known as a natural antioxidant that will keep the pores in the skin clean.

Another benefit of using bion tanning lotions is this maintenance of keeping pores clean. Tanning lotions contain Vitamin E, that will also clean pores to help in the prevention of acne, pimples and spots. Vitamin E will also be of benefit to those people who seek to diminish the appearance of scars and other flaws in the facial skin zones.

Teaming tyrosine and Vitamin E together, bion tanning lotions provide a nourishment to your skin that can deter the signs of aging. Who wouldn’t want to replace wrinkles and fine lines with a beautiful natural summer facial tan that glows evenly all year round?

Moisture is the nourishment for youthful skin. For people who tan their face regularly, it is vital that the right sources of moisture are used. Manufacturers will always provide tanning lotions promising all the benefits. Remember that tyrosine is the key ingredient to ensuring tanning success of the facial areas so that the bion tanning experience can be maximized through a longer lasting even tan. Why spend all that time and effort in getting the tan you have always wanted and it not lasting? Moisturize your skin with the right bion tanning lotions to ensure the healthy glow of a beautiful lasting facial tan.