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How To Use The Bion Tanning System.

The bion tanning system allows for a beautiful glow for the hardest part of your body to maintain an even tan – your face. Simple, safe and convenient to use, the bion tanning system eliminate those long tanning sessions out in the sun or even at the salon. In our busy lives, most of us can only think of how nice it would be to have a beautiful tan all year round, no matter what the weather, let alone think of ways to achieve this. The bion tanning system does all this for you, in the ease and comfort of your own home, whilst you’re on the move and can be even achieved at work. Your perfect facial tan comes so easily with the bion tanning system.

Facial tanning has never been so easy and convenient! Here’s how…

1. Once you have an allocated area where your tanner can sit safely on a level surface, all you need to do is plug it in to the electricity source. Like all electrical products, steer clear of any areas where wall sockets sit close to a water source, like sinks or baths.

2. Have some music on, or get that phone call ready or make your environment interruption free so that you are comfortable and relaxed whilst you get the tan you want! Make sure that you are sitting comfortably with your goggles ready. You should always have eye protection on when using any tanning system.

3. Set the timer to your preferred time allocation. You should experiment with how much time to use. It is recommended that 15 minutes is sufficient, so new users of the bion tanning system should allow for less time to start with. Like most tanning, gradual results are usually the most effective. Remember that you can always do a little more, but undoing the process may not be so quick and easy. Always consult the manual to determine the right amount of time for you. The bion tanning system has an inbuilt safety timer that will shut the system down to avoid overexposure. It is highly noted that facial tanning not exceed 30 minutes per day.

4. Now you are ready. Start the timer and position yourself about four inches in front of your bion tanning system with your goggles on. You will need to turn your face to ensure even exposure to your face so make sure you remember to do this throughout the time. You may want to set the timer to go when it is time to turn, and then reset the timer for the same time for the other half of your face.

5. Always unplug the system when you have finished your tanning session to avoid any injuries.

Who could want anything but simplicity and effectiveness when it comes to facial tanning? The bion tanning system will ensure that you have an all round even tan on your face wherever is convenient for you to use.