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Is Bion Tanning Safe?

The bion tanning system is an extremely safe tanning practice when used properly. This sytem allows for an all over even tan to your face that can match an equally beautiful summer glow even in winter.

Portable and easy to use, the bion tanning system is run by electricity so the standard safety procedures go. It is dangerous to use any electrical appliances near water so use your bion tanning system somewhere away from sinks, baths or water-risk areas.

Likewise with electrical products, the bion tanning system will need to be on a steady surface, sitting somewhere that is safe from knocking over and causing injury to occur. When your tanning session is over, the system should always be unplugged to maintain a safe environment.

One of the biggest health issues facing us today is skin cancer, and a common question that arises when talking about tanning is whether tanning bulbs cause cancer in the skin. The bion tannming system consists of four 15 watt bulbs that, like all tanning systems, contains UV rays. Using bion tanning lotions that comply with the high standards of the bion tanning system ensures the safety of your skin.

These lotions will also ensure that the summer glow you will achieve through the bion tanning system will remain the same beautiful bronze for longer. These lotions maximize the safety of tanning by promoting pore cleansing and the production of melanin that provides the skin with a natural sunscreen. Be sure to use the right bion tanning lotions and not be influenced by cheap imitations that promise big results.

When in the tanning process, be sure that you comply with the safety recommendations provided. The manual emphasizes that eye protection should always be worn. Goggles are provided purely for the safety of the eyes only. Protect the delicate retina’s of the eyes with the goggles to cover them up while you are tanning.

While the thought of achieving an all over even tan on your face is exciting, it is easy to be tempted into thinking there are quicker and easier ways. Be sure to only undergo the actual tanning process for the recommended time only. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the more time you spend in front of the tanning system the better your tan will be. Over exposure is dangerous as you put your skin at risk of getting burnt. Achieve the best results by working slowly towards desired results.

The manual also insists that the face should always be at least four inches away from the bulbs. While you may think that your skin can withstand a closer range, you are only putting your skin at risk. Always follow the manual and consider them instructions, not just recommendations.

The bion tanning system has been designed to provide you with easy face tanning that can be used in your home at your convenience. Achieve the best results by safely using this fantastic system and reap in the confidence boost from a beautiful summer glow on your face.