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What is a Bion Tanning System?

Bion tanning simply means tanning the face. We all know how hard it is to achieve an all over even tan of the face, and many of us would love to be able to do it! The bion tanning system has been designed specifically with this in mind. It is the answer to much angst of those who love that summer bronzed glow on the face all year round.

For those who have tried to keep that tanned look even and natural, it is a common story that while a tanned body is easy to hold, the face is a different story. Blotchiness, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, flakiness and even peeling are common occurrences in the facial region. Bion tanning systems help eliminate all of these tanning blunders, in a matter of a few minutes each day. There couldn’t be an easier and safer way to achieve that complexion that you have always wanted. You can now become the envy of others who used to think like you. Achieve and manage a beautiful bronzed summer skin tone all year round with the bion tanning system.  

The bion tanning system is so easy to use that you don’t even have to step inside a salon. This in turn reduces the cost of achieving your tanning wished without the added cost of services. Once you purchase a bion tanning system you can use the tanning system wherever you have a standard electricity wall socket.

So, how does it work? It is so simple… You place your face four inches away from the four 15 watt bulbs for 5-15 minutes wearing protective goggles. You then apply some bion tanning lotion to provide moisture and nourishment. Simple.

With bion tanning you fast track your way to a beautiful summer glow on your face that everyone will notice and you will feel more confident and beautiful than ever before. Complete that beautiful rich bronzed appearance with an all over even face tan achieved from bion tanning.

The bion tanning system is extremely cost effective. For as little as $99 you can achieve a tanned lifetime from the comfort of your own home. Many happy people have mentioned that the bion tanning system is so worthwhile to own and can pay for itself even in the first use. When you consider the fees set by tanning salons it makes sense to buy this amazing product.

Safe, simple face tanning in your own home!


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