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Buy Spray Tan Booths

Do you want your salon to be able to cash in on the latest tanning trends? Then you definitely need to buy spray tan booths. Spray tanning is fast becoming a very popular alternative to traditional sun tanning and indoor tanning (using tanning beds) because it is said to be much safer. It does not expose tanners to harmful UV light but still gives a very natural-looking bronze color. Many people have so far tired and liked it, and it does not look like the trend will go away. So do not let competition get ahead – buy spray tan booths and increase your client base instantly.

How spray tanning works

Spray tan booths have nozzles that spurt out either a clear or bronze liquid containing dihydroxyacetone (also known as DHA). Buy spray tan booths and you will notice their nozzles are strategically placed to tan all parts of the body uniformly. Polarization and natural amino acid reaction bind the solution to the skin for a rich tan that lasts for about six to twelve days. Unlike UV rays, DHA is not invasive – it stays on superficial layer of the tanner's skin. It has also been cleared by the FDA and is in fact very much used in cosmetics.

Why you should buy spray tan booths

Spray tanning is a very lucrative business. Buy spray tan booths and you can take your share of the market, too. A typical spray tan session lasts for only a bout one minute but costs around $30. Since most clients go at least two times a week in order to maintain their tan, he or she will spend about $240 in your salon – monthly. Imagine customers ho want spray tans flocking to your salon, one after another, and

Using an airbrush, a bronze or clear liquid containing dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is applied to the body. This ingredient, which has been approved by the FDA for over 30 years for cosmetic applications, reacts with the amino acids in the outer layer of the skin. The reaction creates a tan that looks as though it came from the sun. We use a delivery system that provides an even application thereby avoiding streaking and blotching. This spray tan lasts approximately 6 to 12 days depending on your activities and skin type.

How much do I have to spend to buy spray tan booths?

Not much. Spray tan booths actually cost so much less than traditional tanning beds and tanning booths. You can even get discounts when you buy spray tan booths in bulk.

A mid-range spray tan booth unit only costs about $1,300 to $1,500. Such units already have special features that eliminate overspray, vent fans with removable filters that clear the air quickly after the spray session, and adequate lighting (usually halogen lights). Most units also have straps to hold tanners' arms so they do not get tired throughout the process.

Make sure to buy spray tan booths that are made of plastic panels, because they are much easier to clean. Check the power requirements of the booth before you buy it – 110 is perfect for the United States.


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