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An Introduction to Commercial Tanning Beds @ Tanning Bed Central

Tanning Beds for Commercial Purposes – An Introduction

Tanning beds come in different models and price ranges, but if you want your tanning salon to only have the best equipment, then you need to invest in no less than tanning beds for commercial purposes.

What makes a tanning bed suitable for commercial use?

Commercial beds are differentiated from regular residential-quality tanning beds by three things: power, durability, and price.

Better tanning. Commercial tanning beds generally tan better than lower-end beds because they have more features that help make tan deeper and longer lasting. Most commercial tanning beds have at least 24 lamps, and some even have more than 30. More lamps do not only mean darker tanning, but shorter tanning times as well – perfect for busy tanning salons that do not want to keep customers waiting. It takes only about 12 minutes to tan in a commercial bed – that's at least eight minutes less than the time it will take to tan in a residential bed that has only 16 lamps. Commercial tanning beds are also fully-equipped with facial tanners, usually angled precisely to give the facial area a natural-looking, contoured bronze effect.

Wolff lamps are particularly popular in commercial tanning, owning to the brand's longstanding reputation for manufacturing the best industrial tanning lamps. Wolff is the name behind tanning lamps such as Bellarium, Eternal Sun, Euro Sun, Solarium, Velocity, and Speed, to name a few. Most of these commercial tanning bed lamps use Wolff-developed phosphor technology that promotes effective melanogenesis, causing the skin to tan better. The lamps typically last for 1000 tanning hours, making them cost-effective.

Some commercial tanning beds use high pressure tanning lamps – short, quartz lamps packed with mercury vapors that enable them to generate high-intensity ultraviolet radiation (UVR). High pressure lamps tend to tan faster and darker than the regular long tube lamps found in other commercial tanning beds. A lot of tanning salon owners are switching to these kinds of beds.

Hard-wearing construction. Commercial tanning beds are likewise very durable – they need to be made of top quality materials in order for them to stand the wear and tear of everyday heavy use. They are usually made of a combination of aluminum and stainless steel. Some manufacturers only bolt the pieces of commercial tanning beds together, but there are a growing number of manufacturers who prefer to weld the pieces together for an even better durability. The mainframe of the best commercial tanning beds will easily last for decades, and will give tanning salon owners and their customers trouble free use and abuse. Only the lamps and other peripherals need to be regularly replaced.

Cost-effectiveness. Adherence to the highest quality standards makes tanning beds for commercial purposes a lot more expensive than their residential-purpose counterparts. Still, many tanning salon owners are investing in extremely high-end tanning units, and claim that they are more than worth the price. Customers tend to come back for the ‘tanning experience' which they cannot get from weaker residential tanning bed models, which means that tanning salons are able to recuperate their investment in the commercial beds is a fairly short period.