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How to invest in a tanning salon business

Operating a successful tanning salon business will require you to keep your inventory of all the commercial tanning beds you are using in order to make sure that they are in a perfect working condition. Here are some tips for you to follow when having to purchase replacements for your commercial tanning beds.

First, you should plan for variety. For instance, you should do your best and invest in your tanning salon by using different styles. When planning to purchase different tanning bed models, you should keep in mind that some people like to stand up when tanning while others may find it more comfortable to lay flat when undertaking an indoor tanning session. But one style is not likely to be necessarily better when compared to another one.

Keep in mind that each of your customers will have different preferences – for instance, one will be more interested to stand up in order to get an evenly distributed and gorgeous tan while other may be more interested to lie down and relax while tanning. So, rather than purchasing a single model of tanning bed, you should try your best and invest both in flat tanning units and vertical tanning booths.

Next, you will have to consider your floor plan – for instance, if your tanning salon is still in its beginning stages, you should purchase the tanning systems you need accordingly to the space you have at your disposal. Pay attention to the specific requirements of your space. Or you can simply purchase your inventory of tanning booths and go building around them. Keep in mind to consider all your space limitations when planning to purchase a particular type of indoor tanning system. For instance, if you are already planning to replace one of your horizontal tanning units with a vertical tanning system, you will have to make sure that the ceiling of your salon is high enough in order to accommodate your new acquisition.


If you are planning to have aImage standup system replaced with a flat model, you will have to make sure that your salon flooring allows you enough space for this replacement. Next, you will have to speak with a professional in order to find out everything about the power requirements of your tanning salon. Power requirements can vary according to the models of tanning beds your salon uses and the exact number of tanning beds you will have to purchase in order to accommodate all your  future customers.




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Keep in mind that every indoor tanning system is likely to come with its own different power requirements. For instance, some of the tanning system you are planning to use may be designed to be hard-wired right into a power supply and you will not be able to have them plugged right into conventional wall sockets. On the contrary, other indoor tanning units may be plugged right into the wall sockets but they will also require a more powerful output when compared to the output a normal socket is designed to deliver. So, before investing in any new indoor tanning system, you will have to call your electrician and discuss all the potential power requirements with him.         


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