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More on commercial tanning beds

Tanning beds are among the sheerest revolutions brought in the present tanning industry. With their help, you can get a gorgeous tan without having to spend too much time. You will not have to waste your precious time on suntan. Tanning beds are already available in 2 main genres. These genres include home tanning beds and commercial tanning beds. Commercial tanning beds can be found in every tanning salon while residential tanning beds were designed to suit a wide range of individual tanning needs.

A commercial tanning bed is highly powered and it is able to bear a rough handing in a tanning salon. Actually, a commercial tanning bed counts on its increased durability. There are 2 main models of residential tanning beds available on the current market  - the horizontal tanning beds and the vertical ones. Vertical tanning boots are also known as tanning boots. In their case, all you will have to do is to step right inside them in order to provide your skin with the necessary radiation. Usually, the UV radiations that are used in the case of residential beds are UVA. Also, a commercial tanning bed consists of some high pressure tanning lamps.

Horizontal beds have significant qualities too even if they are likely to be priced higher when compared to home tanning beds. While undergoing a tanning regimen with such horizontal beds, you will have to protect your skin by using specialized tanning lotions. For instance, in almost every tanning salon, your body will be first massaged with a tanning lotion that has the right SPF and this will happen before you will have to lie on the commercial tanning bed.

A commercial bed comes with a wide range of additional features – these features aren't likely to be found in the case of residential tanning beds. For instance, a commercial tanning bed is fully equipped with a facility that provides various levels of tanning that can meet the demands of all customers. So, the range of different intensity of UV radiations will be wider in the case of commercial beds when compared to the residential ones. With the help of a commercial tanning bed you will be more likely to obtain a gorgeous tan color in a  smaller period of time when compared to the time you have to spend in a residential tanning bed in order to get the same tan.

A commercial tanning bed is designed and fully equipped in order to serve all the quick needs at tanning salons. One of the most noticeable differences between commercial and residential tanning beds is their costs. For instance, a home model is designed and fully equipped in order to be effective yet inexpensive enough in order to be affordable for every individual. A commercial model is bigger, heavier, faster and even brighter in order to suit each of its purposes. For instance, a commercial model can actually see more than 30 tanning sessions per day while a residential model will not stand up to such intensive use. As a direct result of this, a commercial tanning bed is more expensive.

The design of a commercial tanning bed is all about grabbing one's attention. For instance, extra lighting that include lighting on the handle and lid, quite chic finishes and designs and even added luxuries are all used with the user's image in mind. Also, a commercial bed is larger and needs more space to be stored.