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Top advantages of a tanning booth

Most tanning salons are keen on employing various types of tanning environments but the most popular tanning environment seems to be the tanning booth. A tanning booth has a similar appearance to a telephone booth. Tanning rays are emitted right from all the angles thus allowing the user to get a closer approximation to a natural exposure to sunlight. There is a wide range of advantages brought by a tanning booth when compared to a horizontal commercial bed. However, these advantages can also be regarded as genuine drawbacks by some people who use tanning booths in order to get the tan they want.

  • For instance, if you want to relax and lie down while you are tanning, you should go for a residential or commercial tanning bed. A tanning booth will require less storage space when compared to a tanning bed and you will also need less time for each of your tanning sessions. You may also get a more even tan when using a tanning booth. So, everything is going to depend on your own priorities and needs. If you find yourself among the people who are truly interested to get a tanning system or just use such an indoor tanning system, you should consider the differences between a tanning booth and a horizontal tanning bed.
  • For instance, a tanning booth can provide you with more freedom in order to move around as you feel like it – you will have more freedom to move than you can have while tanning on a bed. This feature can be extremely important if you are a claustrophobic. Due to this increased mobility, some of the people who are using a tanning booth believe that the tan they get is a more even one since they find it easier to manage to tan under their arms and on the sides.
  • If you know that space and time are among your main considerations, you should go for a tanning booth. The present recommended exposure time in such a tanning booth may be up to 15 minutes while this necessary time of exposure may be up to 30 minutes when tanning on a bed. So, if you want to spend less time trying to get a perfect tan, you should consider investing your money in a tanning booth. Also, if your current living arrangement is limited to a particular amount of space, you may find it harder to devote enough space to an indoor tanning system. So, a tanning booth will be the perfect choice for you because this tanning system requires only about a half of the square footage as a tanning bed.

Tanning booths also tend to have stronger tanning bulbs when compared to their horizontal counterparts. So, you will have to seek advice from your health care provider, especially if you have a lighter skin, in order to decide which exposure period is the right one for you. Keep in mind that it's advisable for you to try and find out everything you can about the cons and pros of a tanning booth – do this prior to deciding whether this tanning system is the right one for you or not.