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Buying Tanning Beds For Commercial Use

Where to buy tanning beds for commercial use

Figuring out where to buy tanning beds for commercial use should not be a problem, especially now that there are a lot of online retailers that carry a wide array of brands and models. Shopping online will save you both time and money, because you can compare prices and specifications with a click of a mouse. If you have no clue where to buy tanning beds for commercial use online, do not worry – we have simplified things for you. Here are our top shop recommendations:


This merchant has consistently been the highest-ranked tanning bed seller, maintaining its unsurpassed 99 percent customer satisfaction for more than six years now. We really love this site for two things – big inventory and free shipping.

They have everything a tanning salon owner needs, from tanning beds to lamps and bulbs, and even lotions and accessories. You can even download a free catalog to get the latest news on the newest brands and models they carry.

This store also provides free delivery to anywhere in the US (except to Hawaii and Guam ), provided that you buy a tanning bed with at least 24 lamps. You can also get free delivery even if you just a 16-lamp bed if you live in certain areas. Best of all, they provide a very easy-to-use order tracking system online. All you have to do is wait 24 to 48 hours from the time you make your order, log on to the tracking section of their site, and enter either your zip code or your name. You will see where your tanning bed is, and intelligently anticipate when it will come right to your door. They usually send you an email on the same day that your unit is shipped. The email contains detailed information about your purchase, so keep it for reference.

Not sure where to buy tanning beds for commercial use through financing? Do not worry – this merchant can help you, too. Call their credit department during office hours at 1-800-274-1744 to ask about your loan options. They will guide you through every step.


There are so many things to like about Novatan, but if there is one thing its merchant competitors cannot beat, it is its price. Novatan offers brand new, current-model tanning beds at bargain basement price – perfect for the buyer on a budget. How do they do it? By keeping their overhead low. Novatan is located in a small town in Illinois and maintains a lean staff.

Their collection of tanning beds is also very impressive. You have the best choices in every price range – from the basic SunVision 24 to the lavish SunVision Elite 32 – because they are an authorized Wolff System distributor. They also carry the high-end Wolff Sundome tanning booth with 48 lamps, and even portable face tanning units from respected brands such as Del Sol and Novasolar. The best part? Prices for these facial tanning lamps starting at below $200. Visit www.novatan.com now and you will never have to ask where to buy tanning beds for commercial use, ever again.