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Tanning Bed License Training Info

Three things are essential in any tanning salon business: tanning bed, license, training. It is not enough that you have the best location or the best position in the yellow pages. While representation and marketing may help bring in clients, what you really need are top quality tanning beds operated by licensed and trained tanning assistants.

Getting the right tanning bed, license, training

Tanning bed. The best tanning beds are not necessarily the most expensive. Thanks to competition, a lot of tanning bed manufacturers are now able to pack in all the essential equipment and features for deep and longer lasting tans without jacking up the price tag. There are a lot of residential-type tanning beds in the $3,000 to $5,000 price range that are so good, they may as well be commercial tanning beds.

If you do not have the money to immediately pay for several tanning beds, though, do not worry – a lot of financing companies can lend you a hand. Just give them proof of your business' profitability and show then that your personal and business credit is healthy, and they will most likely give you the funds for your equipment/ What's more, some financing companies even grant A to Z funding – that is, they pay for everything from the acquisition cost of your tanning bed, license, training you and your personnel, and even remodeling your tanning salon. Just ask your tanning bed retailer where you could apply for such programs. Most of them have tie ups with such financing companies. With a little patience and a lot of legwork, you can get tanning bed, license, training, and even remodeling funds to get your tanning salon business up to a good start.

License. You need a license in order to operate a tanning salon (or any kind of business for that matter). Every state has a different policy when it comes to licensing, but as a general rule, you need to prepare __ documents before you apply. You need to present your trade name and business name (if they are different), your tax payer identification number, and the business address and the telephone number in the tanning salon location you want to apply a license for. You also need to disclose other information such as the type of ownership of the business and the organizational chart (detailing the legal names and titles of all the owners and officers of your business). If you just need to amend or renew your license, you need to submit your current license number.

Training. Call the National Tanning Training Institute (NTTI) for more details on how you and your staff can learn to safely operate tanning beds. They offer a ‘Basic Indoor Tanning Certification Course' that includes in its curriculum the science of sunless tanning, operating and running a tanning salon, and even information about different tanning products, among others. Note that some states such as Oregon , North and South Carolina , Louisiana , and New Hampshire do not recognize certifications from NTTI. You need to call your city hall to find out more.

You can begin business operations once you have your tanning bed, license, training, and leftover cash on hand for sudden unexpected purchases. One your license expires, you can just apply online for renewal (online application is not available in all states, though). Just reenter all required information detailing you're the location of your salon and the kind of ownership arrangement. Be sure to input only accurate information. Pay the fee. Licensing fees vary from one state to the other, but most online payment sites accept major credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa and American Express anyway, so this should not be a problem. In some cases, you can even pay using an electronic check. After your payment clears, you get a receipt – review it and then print. It is that easy.