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Tanning Salon Merchandising Displays

Your tanning salon merchandising displays can significantly increase or decrease your sales. Almost 80 percent of what people purchase is usually based on what they see, so how you arrange your products, where you put them, etc., affect how your customers respond. Here are some tips to help you make your tanning salon merchandising displays say ‘buy me.'

Understand the science of buying

You need to understand that different people absorb information differently. Some are ‘visual' people –they respond to catchy, artistic presentations. Auditory buyers read and ‘hear' the meaning in their minds. Kinesthetic customers, on the other hand, are attracted to colors, themes, or images that rouse an emotion or memory. Your tanning salon merchandising displays should appeal to all three kinds of buyers if they are going to be effective.

You also need to understand how the human eye moves as its skims for information. Several market researches have shown that people tend to examine goods such as tanning salon merchandising displays from the high left to the lower right, similar to how they read. The heavier the bottom, the more likely the eyes move back up. Attention span is quite short, too – it takes less than one second for a potential buyer to decide on a purchase subliminally. You need to make the display say something and say something fast, or risk losing a customer.

Positioning is everything

Experts say that it is best to put your tanning salon merchandising displays within the first three meters of the salon entrance, because studies show that potential customers are more prone to buy from this section. Place your tanning salon merchandising displays near the reception desk whenever possible, because your customers will probably pass by this part of your salon at least two times during their visit. This spot is also ideal because it allows them to ask you or your receptionist about the products.

Use mirrors

Put a mirror behind the shelves that hold your tanning salon merchandising displays. This ‘multiplies' the products and gives the buyers the feeling that you care and believe enough about the product to stock up on it.

Mass merchandise

Whenever possible, try to put lump together similar products (such as different brands of after-tan moisturizers, for example). Put the best-selling brands on eye-level shelves, and then put slower brands immediately on the shelf under them. This ‘carries' the interest as the potential buyer's eyes move downward. You should likewise low interested customers to touch your tanning salon merchandising displays – let them read and compare the labels. This gives them more ‘control' over the purchase decision.


Don't overdo decorations

Make the display area complementary to the main products, not distracting from them. Too much props, signage or lighting can overpower the products instead of highlighting them. Your tanning salon merchandising displays should be uncluttered and neatly stacked. Do not forget to keep your merchandise clean and dust-free, too. There is nothing like grubby products to put off an otherwise interested buyer.