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Tanning Bed Rentals - You Get What You Pay For

The cost of tanning bed rentals is declining because of the increasingly stiffer competition among tanning salons. That's good news for the customer – this means that you have a lot more choices now than ever before. Now is the best time to visit a tanning salon for a quick bronze or switch to another salon that charges lower for tanning bed rentals. Here is everything you should look for in a salon, and what you should expect to pay.

You get what you pay for

Apart from the service, what really sets a tanning salon apart from others is its equipment. Expect salons with higher-end tanning beds to charge you higher tanning bed rentals. They usually have beds that make your tan last longer and eventually decrease your tanning frequency requirements, saving you money in the long run.

But this does not mean that salons that charge lower tanning bed rentals do not have quality equipment. Many salons that let you tan for as little as $6 per session have beds that provide serious tanning power. Some even have fancier models such as the Sunvision 28LX 2F, which lets you tan in three ways – with the face tanner on, with the face tanner off and low intensity lamps on, or with low-pressure UV shower and zero facial tanning.

Per session or per package?

If you plan to go to a salon regularly, then you are better off paying for tanning packages than paying tanning bed rentals on a per-session (usually 20 minutes) basis. But do not sign that membership form yet – be sure you have compared and contrasted tanning salons first. Go for the usual per-session charging first until you find the salon that you like best.

Tanning bed rentals go for an average of $6 per session (which usually lasts 20 minutes). You can save by paying for a certain number of minutes. One hundred minutes could run you anywhere from $45 to $60. Two hundred minutes cost about $58 to $75, three hundred minutes go for about $83 to $100, and so forth.

Some tanning salons also have ‘unlimited' packages for tanning bed rentals. The fee is usually $45 to $50 per month, but you can save some money of you enroll for three months (for about $120), six months (for about $150), and even yearly (for about $240). Note that the prices we are mentioning in this article are among the lowest, because we used pricing for ‘basic' tanning beds. If you want to use tanning beds with higher intensity, expect to pay more. You will probably have to add about $2 to upgrade to a bigger tanning bed with higher intensity lamps, and about $5 more if you want to use tanning beds that guarantee ultra dark results.

Some tanning salons give discounts to regular customers and to students. Be sure to bring an identification card. Also remember that most packages are valid only for a year. Do not waste your money on these packages if you do not intend to use them up.