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Watsons Commercial Tanning Beds

Watson's commercial tanning beds have the same guaranty of quality that all of its brands carry. Watson's specializes in ESB tanning beds, and has a wide selection of models to fit any commercial requirement and budget.

What's in store

Watson's has one of the largest single store showroom display of tanning beds in the country. Watson's commercial tanning beds range from models with 14 lamps to models with 32 lamps. There are tanning beds that already have built-in facial tanners, but you can also buy separate facial tanners from them. Watson's also carries several stand-up models. Both kinds usually run on 120 volts, but some models are made for the European market and therefore require 220 volts. Be sure to ask the Watson's sales associate about this.

Customer support

Effective and real-time support is what distinguishes Watson's from other tanning bed retailers. Very knowledgeable sales associates are always around to help you with any questions you may have concerning Watson's commercial tanning beds, may they be simple or technical. The sales staff can give very intelligent advice about the different Watson's commercial tanning beds, so even if a customer leaves the store without buying the product, he or she already knows what essential features to look for.

Comfortable shopping

And since all Watson's showrooms are very spacious, you can freely inspect the displays and even try them without ever bumping into another merchandise. Simply ask any of the sales associates assigned specifically to assist interested buyers of Watson's commercial tanning beds for assistance.

Where to buy Watson's commercial tanning beds

Watson's commercial tanning beds are available in any of the 12 Watson's showrooms. There are two in Ohio (one in Cincinnati and one in Dayton ). There is also a display warehouse in Grand Rapids in Minnesota , in Indianapolis in Indiana , in Kansas City in Kansas , in Little Rock ( Arizona ), Louisville in Kentucky , in the cities of Nashville and Memphis in Tennessee , in Minneapolis in Minnesota , in St. Louis in Missouri , and in San Antonio in Texas . You may call ask how many Watson's commercial tanning beds the store nearest you has in stock.


The Watson's tradition

Many people find it very convenient to buy Watson's commercial tanning beds straight from their outlets because they also get to see other interesting merchandise, from above-ground pools to Jacuzzis to fireplaces and even casual furniture. Watson's commercial tanning beds were not originally sold in Watson's – in fact, the store only stocked itself with tanning beds from ESB several years ago. But while the core merchandise of Watson's are still the same swimming pools and pool tables it sold in the late 1960's when it became a company, Watson's commercial tanning beds now also one of its main merchandise. All Watson's stores are linked to the Marathon Marketing Group, so they are able to negotiate the lowest possible prices for Watson's commercial tanning beds and pass the savings to the consumer.

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