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Wholesale Commercial Tanning Beds

Interested in taking advantage of expanding your tanning salon now that the tanning industry is booming? Then do what shrewd entrepreneurs do and shop around for wholesale commercial tanning beds. Contrary to what you might think, you do not have to be a big tanning salon or a nationwide distributor in order to get tanning beds at the lowest prices. With a lot of resourcefulness and patience, you can find wholesale commercial tanning beds. Here are some tricks.

Network amongst your peers. Become a member of organizations of small tanning salon to get inside information on where how to buy wholesale commercial tanning beds. More often than not, even your competitors see you as being ‘in the same boat' with them. You will be surprised how many tanning salon owners are willing to give you a tip or two. You can even form teams in order to increase your buying capacity and get manufacturers to say yes.

You can also do your networking online, especially if your hands are full running your tanning salon and you do not have any time to attend functions. There are a lot of online tanning salon business organizations that let you actively participate in forums. Do not be afraid to ask other tanning salon owners how they bought wholesale commercial tanning beds. Who knows? You might even meet a distributor willing to take your order, even if your demand is lower than the volume required for wholesale.

Scour the internet. The best place to buy wholesale commercial tanning beds is still the internet. Online tanning bed distributors offer the lowest prices, largely due to competition. These businesses can afford to give you the lowest wholesale prices – lower than what you would find from conventional warehouse distributors – because they have considerably lower overhead. They do their business through a website, so they do not pay a lot of sales associates nor pay lease for big storehouses. Online stores that specialize in wholesale commercial tanning beds have exclusive purchasing relationships with manufacturers. They just exhibit the images and specifications of the tanning beds on their pages and then order from the manufacturer as you order. What's more, online distributors of wholesale commercial tanning beds can sell you units at a wholesale price even if you just want to buy one. They simply pile your order onto a bigger order. You may have to wait a little longer than normal, but more often the not, the huge savings make the wait worth it.

Let your fingers do the walking. Even with the dominance of internet technology, the ever dependable phonebook still does wonders for small business owners looking for bargains. If you cannot find a distributor of wholesale commercial tanning beds near where you are, then call the manufacturers themselves. They typically have a customer helpline. Go ahead and ask if you could buy wholesale commercial tanning beds. Inquire about the requirements and ask if you could meet with a sales associate, if necessary. They may ask you how many units you need, and if you only need a few, you may not get the bargain basement price. The price they can give might be a bit higher than wholesale if you do not reach the lowest possible order volume, but you will still save a lot.


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