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Indoors Tanning Products

The business of indoor tanning products has been consistently growing in the past years perhaps because of two main reasons. First, indoor tanning has become a huge part of a growing number of people's lifestyles, and second, these people are beginning to realize just how vital indoor tanning products are in achieving and maintaining healthy tans.

The importance of indoor tanning products

Most indoor tanning products were created to primarily keep the skin healthy as it is subjected to the ‘torture' of tanning. The good kinds of indoor tanning products are formulated to bring in nutrients to the skin – nutrients that are essential to protecting it from the harmful effects of UV light. A good part of the ingredients that make up indoor tanning products is dedicated to moisturizing. Indoor tanning tends to dry up the skin and make it age faster, and it is the job of indoor tanning products to keep this from happening (or at least minimize these adverse affects). Many products now also incorporate antioxidants into their formula. These antioxidants help avert the development of lines, wrinkles, and other signs of skin aging.

Indoor tanning products also make tans look more even and last longer so that you don't have to go to tanning salons or bask in your home tanning beds as often. Some of its active components complement you're the natural protein found in your skin cells in order to naturally make your tan deeper. Because of indoor tanning products, your skin is able to retain melanin (those that are induced by UV light) so that your color lasts much longer.

Choosing the best indoor tanning products

There really is not such thing as ‘the best' indoor tanning products, because the most optimum products vary from skin type to skin type. Certain indoor tanning products are best for skin that is very light, while some work better with skin tones that already have natural color (medium or dark tones). Certain formulations are also meant for use on skin that already has a base tan, while some indoor tanning products are intended for first-time tanners.

Indoor tanning products also come in different forms, each with a purpose. Gel indoor tanning products are generally easier to apply and absorb quickly, while oil-based indoor tanning products tend to last longer.

When it comes to active ingredients, indoor tanning products are not all equal. As a general rule, you should always go with those that use natural components. Read the labels and check if they contain essential vitamins (especially amino acid, antioxidants and vitamin E), natural botanicals, and plant extracts that help accelerate your skin's melanin production. Also look for indoor tanning products with natural moisturizers such as hempseed oil or aloe vera.

Be sure to either ask a tanning expert or at least read the labels very carefully before applying anything on your skin. Remember – using the wrong kind of indoor tanning products can wreak havoc on your skin.


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