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Review Australian Gold Spray Tan at Tanning Bed Central

Three minutes – that's how quick it is to get an accurate, laser-guided tan with Australian gold spray tan. This laser tanning system is the most popular in the market these days, and no one is surprised why.


Scientific Tanning

The Australian gold spray tan makes tanning trouble-free even for the nonprofessional user by combining two of Australian Gold's patented tools – the warm-air turbine and the laser-guided applicator. The result is ‘no overspray,' precise body detailing and drip-free, flawless application.

Australian gold spray tan's low-pressure technology (one to two psi) is the first in the industry. It is powered by a super-quiet G2 laser-guided control turbine that combines soft force and warm air for gentler, more natural application. The turbine's airflow simultaneously applies the tanning solution evenly onto the body while reducing overspray and fumes. Used with Australia Gold's patented aloe-based organic solution that is quickly absorbed by the skin, Australian gold spray tan gives users hydrating, fast-drying, long-lasting color that does not run, streak or drip. This is why major salons, beauty experts, and beauty pageant organizers rely on Australian gold spray tan for natural-looking and flawless bronzing.

Simply Connect the Dots

With Australian gold spray tan, the tanning procedure becomes extremely simple. Just turn the unit on and let the laser beams aim at the body until it forms a single dot. The dot breaks up when you are spraying incorrectly (when you move too close or too far away from the body). Just keep the dot together to apply the tan perfectly. The laser guide helps the user not only spray more precisely, but also use much less product while achieving optimal coloring. Do the math – that's lower outlay for better results.

Unlike other tanning systems that use poor quality compressor technology, Australian gold spray tan does not blast cold air at high pressure and does not need constant adjustment because its motor speed if preset. Australian gold spray tan's dip-free spray is designed to ensure uniform, no-streak, non-sticky bronze coloring that lasts for five to seven days.

Best of all, the Australian gold spray tan system is easy to maintain. There are no problematic tubes, valves, gaskets, gauges or compressors to keep up. The spray applicator has no pesky pressure tubes that clog to cause delays and downtime. It combines stainless steel and aluminum for durability and easy cleanup. Just fill the container with warm water and very little mild detergent , then spray until clear. The system is so straightforward and compact, in fact, that it weighs less than only 24 pounds. Australian gold spray tan is so easy to use – anyone can learn it within an hour.


In the Box

The Australian gold spray tan package comes complete with Australian Gold's patented GII turbine system plus laser-guided applicator that is perfect for detailing the abdominals and other smaller areas. It also comes with all the necessary hoses, two gallons of dye-free solution, and one exfoliating towel kit that contains 30 packets of 12 pre-moistened towels. Expect to spend anywhere from $2,200 to $2,400 for the complete system.

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