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Save on Bulk Orders of Tanning Lotions - Great Discounts

Whether you're a salon owner or just a true-blue tanning aficionado, you'll save big bucks by buying bulk orders of tanning lotions at wholesale prices – you just have to know where to look. With a little research and a whole lot of patience, you will be able to find price-cut tanning lotions and buy bulk orders wherever you are in the country. You may even score supplemental tanning products such as moisturizers, tan extenders, anti-aging complexes, exfoliators, and spray tanning solutions at discounted prices.

How to buy bulk orders of tanning lotions

Apply for a license.Getting a business or a reseller's license is the sure-fire way to get access to discount tanning lotions. Laws very from city to city (or state to state), so be sure to consult someone from the government office about the requirements and the legal procedures. This may seem difficult, but it does not have to be. Sell some tanning lotions to friends and you may be granted business venture legitimacy. A business or reseller's license is your key to wholesalers of tanning lotions. Once you have a license, you can buy as many bulk orders as you want. Remember to make inquiries about the legal requirements before you apply for a license, though, because the costs of securing a license may exceed your expected savings of you are not careful.

Call them direct. Manufacturers who offer discount tanning lotions for bulk orders will not come to you – you have to find them yourself. Searching for them need not be hard. You can simply flip through your yellow pages. They are listed by category, so try ‘Beauty Supplies – Wholesale.' Call in and just ask if they have ‘special hours' for the general public, because most wholesalers do. They will probably charge sales taxes and mark up the tags by some percentage if you are not a licensed retailer, but you can still avail of find great tanning lotions at bargain prices, especially if you buy bulk orders. Many manufacturers also sell overstocks or discontinued tanning lotions in bulk orders at wholesale or even below-wholesale prices, usually by the end of the year. But be careful – while these are potentially huge bargains, there is most likely a reason why they did not sell. These tanning lotions may have been unpopular (and perhaps ineffective) to begin with.

Network your way in. You must know someone in the tanning industry – maybe the lady who does your tan, the sales associate in the retail outlet, maybe a tanning salon owner? These people almost certainly have access to wholesale tanning lotions. Try to get them to buy for you (if you are comfortable enough to ask them to), or agree to pay them a small professional fee in exchange for reduced prices on tanning lotions and other products. Be sure to buy bulk orders, though, because you may end up spending more on paying them if you just buy a bottle or two.