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Where to Find Cheap California Tan Lotion

California Tan is a leading name in the tanning lotion industry. The company produces a wide range of tanning products that are sold in more than 20,000 tanning salons in the United States and Canada , and in almost 50 other countries around the world. And while California Tan's products have always been relatively affordable, it will not hurt to get them on discount, either. If you know where to look, you can get cheap California Tan lotion and enjoy all the benefits skin-nourishing protection and tanning without paying too much.

Complete the line, save on costs

I was looking for cheap California Tan lotions a few months back – I have probably scouted all websites for discounts on individual California Tan products, but I did not quite get satisfied. I have since researched and found out that you can usually get cheap California Tan lotions from retailers if you buy the whole line of California Tan tanning products, from Step 1 to 3. Sounds confusing? Let me explain.

California Tan recommends that you go through steps in achieving the color you want. The first step is building a base tan, which you can do with a cheap California Tan lotion that is developed around the company's exclusive ‘Vitatan' technology, designed to give your skin the right nutrients so that it can actively develop a base tan. To save on costs and get cheap California Tan lotions, you should buy such products together with other California Tan products designed to help you with the rest of the tanning stages.

You could, for example, buy California Tan's ‘Step 2 products,' all of which are designed to advance your tan so that you can get a darker and deeper color. Cheap California Tan lotions in this category all have exclusive TRF 2000 and CuO2 formulas that aid in increasing the deployment of oxygen on your skin, keeping it hydrated as it is tanned. The result is natural-looking, darker color.

You can already buy products for the next step to get cheap California Tan lotions. ‘Step 3' products can actually be used during any stage of the tanning process, because they are designed to lengthen the life of your tan while enhancing its color. All the cheap California Tan lotions in this stage have advanced hydrating components that produce and lock in moisture for a more natural-looking tan.

Many retailers offer ‘package deals' that contain products for all three stages. Buying from these retailers is an excellent way to get your hands on cheap California Tan lotions, especially if you intend to follow their recommended three-step tanning process, anyway.

You can also throw in specialty California tan products to get even more discount. The company produces a full range of tanning peripherals such as sunscreens for outdoor use, special sunless tanners, and even eye protection products. Most retailers carry these specialty products and allow you to slot them into their discount packages. Like all other California Tan products, all of these cheap California Tan lotions go through thorough safety tests, and do not cause irritation or other graver side effects when used properly.

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