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Discount Indoor Tanning Bed Lotions - How to Find Real Discounts

Let's face it – tanning lotions can get quite pricey, and everyone can use a bargain. Luckily there are a lot of discount indoor tanning bed lotions available – if you know where to look, that is.

Where to find discount indoor tanning bed lotions

I have searched the web and other sources and found some of the best suppliers of discount indoor tanning bed lotions are usually big tanning salons who are willing to sell their overstocks to the public at prices that are way lower than retail. That's right -- you can get discount indoor tanning bed lotions from salons that liquidate their extra, unused lotions regularly. You can either purchase from these salons directly of you have access to their warehouse, or place your orders via their websites (if you do not live near them). I would personally recommend that you order online instead, because their web databases are for more organized and always updated. Just log on to their website and you can already browse through the latest discount indoor tanning bed lotions and reserve the products you want before others get them. These salons have limited stocks, so be sure to order fast.

The key is to find a salon that does not impose minimum so that you can place orders for as little as one bottle. Try to look for sites that do not ask you for promotional codes and other such pesky requirements – you must be able to click and shop without hassle.

More importantly, make sure that the cut-rate tanning lotions they sell are all brand new, full-size, original bottles and not overstock testers, samples, or bottles returned by customers.


Some reminders

Be sure to order only from salons that use secure shopping cart technology so that your sensitive credit and payment information remain protected (along with your contact information). Their servers must at least have certified 128-bit encryption. Most salons declare such security measures in their website (try reading the security policies), but you can always ask the customer service representative or live chat personnel, if any, to answer your online security concerns.

Most salons that sell discount indoor tanning bed lotions give free shipping only if you reach the minimum order. You usually have to pay for shipping fees of you order just a few bottles, but these fees are minimal (less than $2 per bottle). It typically takes about two to three working days for the lotions to reach your doorstep. Remember that most salons do not insure against products damaged during shipping. They can only guarantee that the discount indoor tanning bed lotions left their warehouse in good condition, so they cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to it on its way to you. You can purchase postal insurance to protect yourself and the products, especially if you plan to order bulk. The salons that sell discount indoor tanning bed lotions usually do not provide this insurance directly, so you will have to contact your local post office or the courier company to apply.