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Discount Tanning Lotions

If you are an avid tanner or a start-up tanning salon owner like me, you're probably looking for discount tanning lotions. Who can blame you? At as much as 60 percent off, these bargain basement priced lotions can cut your tanning expenses by more than half. What's more, discount tanning lotions are high-quality, too – you can get the most popular designer brands if you know where to look. Here are some of the best deals I found over the internet.


I was able to buy Designer Skin's ‘Spellbound' brand here for only $34 – that's half off its original price ($64). This site also carries discount tanning lotions from virtually of every top-selling brand, such as Aloha Tan, Fiji Blend, Liquid Sun, Bask, Fiesta Sun, Supre, Body Drench, Hoss Sauce, Synergy Tan, Colour, Island Heat, Tan Inc., Côte d' Azur, John Abate, and Wicked Rays, among others. They specialize in discount tanning lotions, but they also sell eye goggles for tanning, moisturizers, bath soaps, and other health-related and self-enhancement products. Be sure to visit this site around spring for its ‘Spring Blowout Sale' – you can get discount tanning lotions for so much less. WayCheaper.Com accepts special orders. Be sure to read their policies on shipping and return before shopping.


I was looking for tan accelerators the other week and found the lowest prices here. Would you believe that I got a 6oz. ‘Accelerating Body Oil' at 60 percent off its original price? I even got ‘ Africa ' extreme hot action lotion for even less (only $13 from its original retail price of $33). There are so many other discount tanning lotions here – you will find everything you need, guaranteed!

The best thing about TanShop.Com is its interface. You can easily shop either by brand, or by product category. Join the email list and you'll get updates on the latest discount tanning lotions they are selling before anybody else does.



Like the other sites I mentioned, OneTan.Com also carries the cheapest discount tanning lotions on the internet, and has all the top-selling brands you are looking for. From this site I was able to buy the very popular ‘Theory Critical Intensity Tingle 7' lotion for only $49 – that's $51 less than what I would have paid if I got it on retail. I even got Power Tan's ‘Midnight Heat' for 77 percent less than its original price. If that's not a bargain, nothing is.

But what makes this site stand out is its flat rate shipping policy. That's right – you only pay $7.95 no mater how many lotions you order! That is perfect for tanning salon owners like me who have to buy discount tanning lotions in bulk. What's more, they even ship your discount tanning lotions right on the day you order them (just make sure to place your order before 1pm). The site also has a very easy to use shipment tracking facility. Just enter the UPS tracking number given to you and you will see where your discount tanning lotions are.