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All Indoor Tanning Lotions Reviews

Indoor tanning lotions are all the rage now that tanning beds are more popular than ever. These products were shown to have been very successful in accelerating the tanning process and effectively shortening tanning bed exposure time necessary to pull off the desired results. What's more, indoor tanning lotions seem to help treat some affective disorders. Read on to find out more.


How indoor tanning lotions work

Moisture is very important during the tanning process – it allows UV light to break in and do its work. This is where indoor tanning lotions come in, They ‘feed' your skin necessary botanicals and vitamins to keep it moist as the UV light from the tanning bed passes through. Because your skin is moist, it absorbs the UV light instead of reflecting it back, so you can achieve the tan you want faster.

Indoor tanning lotions also help lock in your tan so that it lasts longer. Use it with specially-formulated shower gels and you can enjoy your new color for weeks.

Are indoor tanning lotions safe?

Yes. Most indoor tanning lotions are made of natural chemicals already found on the skin, so you never have to worry about serious side effects.

Some people experience burning, but it's not indoor tanning lotions that cause this – it's overexposure to tanning beds. Consult a professional tanning expert if you are not sure how long you should stay in the bed. You will risk having premature skin aging if you do not use the bed correctly. Many experts claim that vertical tanning beds work much faster than horizontal versions. Use the right tanning lotion, and you can even cut your exposure time in half.

You should also refrain from using indoor tanning lotions and tanning beds if you are you are under 16, because your skin has not yet developed properly at this age. The same is true of you have very fair skin or is you have a history of acute sunburn or skin cancer. It is best to ask for your doctor's opinion first.

Some medications can react against indoor tanning lotions. If you are using creams such as Retinol or Retin-A or taking birth control pills, ask your physician if you can safely apply indoor tanning lotions and use tanning beds. Do you have a lot of freckles and moles? Indoor tanning lotions may not be the best for you either.

What indoor tanning lotions work best?

You should look for indoor tanning lotions that have both moisturizers and UV protection properties.

Remember never to use indoor tanning lotions outdoors because most brands do not have enough SPF sunscreen formula to adequately protect you against harmful UV rays. Besides, these indoor tanning lotions usually have tan accelerators that can cause your skin to burn when exposed to too much sunlight.

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