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Revive Tanning Lotions at Tanning Bed Central

Revive tanning lotions are quickly becoming household names – and for good reason. They are one of the best products for preserving the quality and extending the life of tans. But Revive tanning lotions sunless tanners and UV tanners are not only known for their moisturizing and conditioning properties – they are also very economical. Read on to find out more.

What's in a Revive tanning lotion?

The Revive tanning lotion is a three-in-one product that combines the power of moisturizers, extenders, and bronzers. It contains exotic oils, so it can ‘revive' your tan while keeping it nourished. In a bottle of a Revive tanning lotion are Pentavitins, which are ground-breaking ingredients that bind moisture to the skin. It likewise has powerful antioxidants such as aminos, virgin hemp oil, and cocoa butter that all work together to rehydrate and protect the skin. Each Revive tanning lotion is also formulated with erythrulose and DHA which lengthens your tan many days after a regular tan fades.

The Revive tanning lotion is oftentimes classified as ‘tan maintainers.' They contain about three percent less DHA than regular tanning lotions. The Revive tanning lotion adds slight coloration onto your skin every time you use it, so it's the ideal product for maintaining a sunless tan. Use the product after your first shower following your tanning session. This will coop up the DHA color so you can have a deep, dark base. Then use the lotion every morning and at night to keep your skin looking perfectly bronze.

Revive tanning lotions are manufactured by a company called Biddiscombe Laboratories, Inc., which is based in Saint Petersburg , Florida . Aside from tanning lotions, the company also produces perfumes and cosmetics. Biddiscombe Laboratories was recently consolidated with Biddiscombe Holdings. The new set up enables the company to do more aggressive development, manufacturing and marketing of its tanning products (including Revive tanning lotions) in the coming years. In fact, it recently repositioned itself for international marketing through Biddiscombe International. Biddiscombe products such as Revive tanning lotions are now available not only throughout North America, but in Latin America, Europe, Australia , and Africa as well. It will not be long before Revive tanning lotions also become available in the Far East .

Where can I buy Revive tanning lotion?

You can easily purchase a Revive tanning lotion from retail outlets and department stores, but if you don't feel like going out, do not worry – you never even have to leave home to get these products. Revive tanning lotions are widely available online through many resellers that are licensed by Biddiscombe Holdings.


How much is a bottle of Revive tanning lotion?

Expect to spend anywhere from $10 to $13 dollars on a regular bottle. Just make sure to compare the prices of Revive tanning lotions in different websites before you buy. Some resellers are offer these products at lower rates than others, especially if you either buy in bulk or buy Revive tanning lotions with other products. Check regularly for online coupons – in some cases, you may even get these tanning lotions for half their original price.


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