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Find Smolder Tingle Tanning Lotion at Tanning Bed Central

Winter does not have to be so gloomy if you have the right tan. Thanks to new tanning product innovations designed for all types of skin needs, everyone can sport a natural-looking, healthy glow even during the coldest months of the year.

One such product is Smolder tingle tanning lotion, the ultimate bronzer designed for use in tanning beds. With it, you do not have to vacation in expensive beaches to get a year-round tan. Just head to your local tanning salon, apply Smolder tingle tanning lotion, and lay in the tanning bed. You will come out looking naturally-tanned – like you spent a month in the West Coast!

What is Smolder tingle tanning lotion?

Smolder tingle tanning lotion is manufactured by leading tanning expert Designer Skin. It is formulated to have tingle factor of 40, so just a little can already give you a color that is not too dark nor too light – perfect for that natural healthy-in-winter look.

What exactly does the tingle factor do? It stimulates your skin to produce more melanin, thereby making your tan deeper and more believable. Best of all, it is formulated so as not to make you look orangey. Use it correctly (preferably with the help of a tanning salon attendant) to make sure you don't get that fake-looking, leathery color.

Smolder tingle tanning lotion is very helpful to people who find it hard to tan certain parts of the body (such as the legs), and experienced tanners who do want longer lasting color so they don't have to keep coming back to the salon for touch-ups. It's also a great alternative to rather expensive sprayed-on tans (which can run up to almost $40 a week). Smolder tingle tanning lotion is not for people with very fair skin, though, because its strong formulation can cause burning, especially when applied incorrectly.

How to use Smolder tingle tanning lotion

Smolder tingle tanning lotion should not be used everyday. Tanning experts say that about two times a week during summer and once a week during winter is fine. It will take about ten minutes to work its way to your skin if you are using a stand-up tanner, and about 20 minutes if you are using a lay-down bed. Be sure to ask your tanning consultant, though, because the ideal amount and application rate varies from skin to skin. Remember that Smolder tingle tanning lotion may cause extreme bronze color if used more often than the recommended frequency. This does not only look very fake especially during winter – it can also expose you to harmful rays and make your skin look older.

Beginners are typically advised to use Smolder tingle tanning lotion in a low-level bed. This helps open up the pores and make the lotion stick better. The color you will get from using Smolder tingle tanning lotion depends entirely on how receptive your skin is. Be sure to always consult an experienced tanning salon employee to find out what is best for you. Different tanning salons operate have different store hours and price packages. Be sure to call ahead to inquire if they use Smolder tingle tanning lotion before you make reservations.

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