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Find Smooth Tingle Tanning Lotion at Tanning Bed Central

A dark tan is certainly fashionable. Unfortunately, getting it the ‘normal' way exposes you to cancer. Stop basking in the sun for long hours without protection. Get a smooth tingle tanning lotion and you will achieve a deep and healthy tan while protecting yourself from the damaging effects of the sun.

What does smooth tingle tanning lotion do?

Smooth tingle tanning lotions can do what other ordinary tanning lotions cannot –they promote better circulation on your skin. They are formulated t have very high concentrations of botanical oils as well as other natural vitamins to fire up your skin's microcirculation. They bring your blood closer to your skin's surface and add oxygen for your natural melanin so that they are pushed to your skin's surface.

Working with intensive tanning formulas and natural bronzing solutions, smooth tingle tanning lotions almost always give you instant dark tans. Most of these products come with natural hemp seed oils to up your skin's natural moisture and stretch the life of your tan. Some manufacturers add in aloe vera and even shea butter for an even stronger moisturizing effect. Chemicals such as unipertan and tyrosine help produce a deeper, darker bronze. Most smooth tingle tanning lotions come in attractive flavors like fruity strawberry, raspberry, etc. These fragrances help may your tanning experience relaxing and refreshing.

Many smooth tingle tanning lotion products use benzyl nicatinate, which increases capillary blood circulation to give your skin a slightly warm and tingly sensation. After use, your skin will appear flushed. Smooth tingle tanning lotions come in different degrees, from slight to extreme.

When should you use a smooth tingle tanning lotion?

People in ‘tanning plateaus' turn to smooth tingle tanning lotions to help them get their tans back. Experts advise you to go easy on your first try, though, and then work up to more intense tingle concentration when your skin already gets used to the stimulation (usually after several tanning sessions).

Do I really need a smooth tingle tanning lotion?

Yes, absolutely, if you want to get a dark tan safely. Some people think that specialty products like smooth tingle tanning lotions are just fake ‘innovations' that tanning lotion manufacturers use to make money, but they could not be more wrong. A smooth tingle tanning lotion does not help accelerate your way to a deep, dark tan, but also ensures that your skin is protected from harmful elements. What's more, using special tanning lotions will cut your tanning bed sessions and save you a lot of money. At the end of the day, you get longer-lasting deep tans and a healthy and younger-looking skin – safely and cheaply.

Are smooth tingle tanning lotions expensive?

Not at all. Smooth tingle tanning lotions go for about the same price as regular tanning lotions. Expect to pay about $30 (give or take $5 depending on the brand). Some manufacturers offer discounted rates – you may get them at half the shelf price if you are lucky.