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Find Tingle Tanning Lotion Info at Tannning Bed Central

Are you looking for tingle tanning lotion info? Search no further, because you will find everything you need to know here. This short guide should tell you what a tingle tanning lotion is, when you should use it, how to use it, and what other sources you can use to find out more about it. These tingle tanning lotion info should get you on your way to achieving the perfect tan in no time.

What is tingle tanning lotion?

Tingle tanning lotions are intensive darkening lotions that are recommended for people who want extreme tans and people who have a hard time bronzing certain parts of the body. According to a lot of tingle tanning lotion info that I have consulted, these kinds of lotions usually have either Benzyl or Methyl Nicotinate as a main ingredient. Benzyl and Methyl Nicotinate both promote circulation on the skin's surface so that blood flow and oxygen is temporarily increased.

The tingle tanning lotion info sources I have read also say that the skin needs oxygen in order to tan correctly. The formula is simple: the more oxygen the skin has, the darker its tan will be. Different tingle tanning lotions have different ‘stimulation' capacities – some brands are marked ‘low tingle' for people who are not yet used to the process, while some are marked ‘high-tingle,' for veteran tanners.

When should you use tingle tanning lotion?

Tingle tanning lotion info sources recommend that you use tingle tanning lotions once you have reached your ‘tanning plateau,' which is that period when your skin has been so used to tanning that it begins to resist regular tanning products. Consult your dermatologist or at least your tanning salon specialist before using the product to make sure that all less intensive alternatives can already be safely crossed out. In some cases, you can simply go back to using an accelerator for about four sessions and to a darkening lotion in order to make your skin receptive to color again.

Never use tingle tanning lotions if you have very fair or very sensitive skin, because the tingle effect may cause severe burning sensations or allergic reactions to such skin types. The tingle tanning lotion info I have looked up also advise tanners who are in the process of building their base tans to stay away from these products.


Where else can you find tingle tanning lotion info?

A lot of online sources carry tingle tanning lotion info. I did most of my research by going to manufacturer's websites and clicking on their tingle tanning products, and then comparing their ingredients, formulations and prices with other brands from other manufacturers. You can likewise get tingle tanning lotion info from dermatological journals, health magazines, and online medical blogs. You should also try forums and read the reviews submitted by tanners themselves. These consumer reviews are probably among the most honest, real-world tingle tanning lotion info you can get. You may even meet someone who has actually used a lot of products, and he or she can give you sincere recommendations.