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Total Tanning Lotions - Popular Product Reviews

Do you often go to a tanning salon to get all bronzed up? Then it's time you got paid for it. That's right – become a member of Total Tan Salons and you can get as much as 50 percent off on all Total tanning lotions, which are all high-quality brand lotions. Continue your membership and you cam avail of as much as 20 percent discounts on all your future retail Total tanning lotions purchases.

What are the different total tanning lotions?

Total tanning lotions offer their own accelerators, bronzers, and tinge products for that ‘total' tanning package. Total tanning lotion ‘accelerators' moisturize your skin not only to make your tan look natural, and but also to make sure that it stays. Total tanning lotion ‘bronzers,' on the other hand, make your tan ever darker without streaks or discolorations. Total Tan also offers tingle products to give you an instant flushed look and accelerate your tanning process. Just consult with the salon's tanning consultants and you will be walking around with a rich tan in no time.

The Total tanning lotion line likewise comes in three top brands: Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, and Caribbean Gold. Each brand is popular for different things – and you will surely find one that works perfectly with your skin.

Australian Gold. Probably one of the best-selling indoor tanning brands in the Total tanning lotions line, Australian Gold blends can give you natural-looking tans that go from light to very dark. Its products are known for making the skin a great ‘canvass' for tanning – after all, the healthier the skin the better it tans.

Swedish Beauty. This brand made it to the Total tanning lotions line because of its reputation for promoting cell regeneration while tanning. All Swedish Beauty products contain vitamins A, B, C and E that all help boost collagen and elastins.

Caribbean Gold. These Total tanning lotions are not only affordable – they also contain all the essential botanical elements, antioxidants, vitamins and special bronzer formulas for people who want the darkest tans – and want them fast. They are also very easy to use, making them favorites.

Where can I get Total tanning lotions?

You can get Total tanning lotions from anyone of Total Tan's many salons. There are about 15 branches in Western New York, four in Rochester , two in Syracuse , five in Albany , and two in Pennsylvania . Total tanning lotions are also available online through the company website at www.totaltanonline.com. They usually give discounts to members in their ‘Solar System' membership program, which lets you tan unlimitedly for as low as $19.95 a month (or 0.67 per day). Membership entitles you to a 50 percent discount on all Total tanning lotions and even eyewear at the time of enrollment, and a continuing 20 percent price cut on all Total tanning lotions throughout your membership.

You may contact them in their head office at McKinley Parkway in Blasdell , New York at (716) 826-2900. Total Tan is a member of the International Smart Tan Network and the Indoor Tanning Association. That is why it only carries the best and the safest Total tanning lotions from the leading names in the tanning product industry.