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Low Priced Tanning Beds

Low-Priced Tanning Beds - A Review

If you are looking for low-priced tanning beds, then the internet is your best friend. You may be able to find hundreds of brand new and second-hand tanning beds being sold at low prices if you have enough patience to search, compare, and read. But there are times that even patience (and luck) is not enough to get you low-priced tanning beds, especially because thousands of other people are probably looking for discounts too. What do you have to do? Here are some tips to make sure that retailers and manufacturers notice you (and give you discounts), and to make sure that you get to the low-priced tanning beds before anyone else does.

Be on the lookout for new models

Whenever a new model comes out, chances are, the older models are put on sale. You can get amazingly low-priced tanning beds whenever a manufacturer introduces a new and improved version of an older model. Keep reading industry news to get the latest on the freshest innovations – and therefore the latest on what would probably go on sale. Ask the retailers if there are overstocks of older models and if they will be marked down. Don't be afraid to pick up that phone and call their toll-free number. Be persistent enough and they just might sell you a low-priced tanning beds!

Buy wholesale

If you are a tanning salon owner, then you can probably get your hands on low-priced tanning beds straight from the manufacturers themselves. Contact them directly and ask how many units you have to purchase in order to avail of wholesale prices – which are tremendously lower than retail. Manufacturers are likely to give discounts if they know you are buying by the bulk.

Buy used

Most low-priced tanning beds are sold at such low rates because they are already used. You can still get a good deal out of buying second-hand tanning beds if you know how to choose one. You just have to check if the machine is still in good working condition, know the reasons why the owner wants to sell it, know how often it was used, know if the warranty has already expired, know if the parts of the machine are still available on the market, and know the manufacturing details such as the brand, model, features, year, etc. You can buy used, low-priced tanning beds from the internet. Just log on to auctions, forums, and to the sites of retailers of refurbished, low-priced tanning beds to get the best deals.

Finance it

If you have already looked everywhere but still can't find low-priced tanning beds to fit your budget, it's time to consider financing. Many retailers and even manufacturers partner up with financing firms to give you flexible payment options. You will undoubtedly end up paying more than the real value of the bed by the time you finish paying off the loan, but this option will at least keep you solvent for the time being. Don't be afraid – a lot of people are doing it. Many salon owners finance their tanning beds first and eventually pay off the loan even before the term expires – especially those whose customer bases increase because of the bed.