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Norvell Sunless Products

Norvell sunless products have been leading in the sunless and indoor tanning industry since the early 1980's, under its then-trade name “Body Drench Company.” Its famous high intensity moisturizer is currently one of the top sellers in the market, but other Norvell sunless products are just as popular. The company's secret? Using only premium ingredients to create nutrient-rich sunless products.

Norvell sunless equipment

One of Norvell's ultimate sunless tanning gadgets is its lightweight, turbine powered spray tan system (model NT-2000). This Norvell sunless product is great for producing fast, natural-looking tan when used properly. The polycarbonate airgun gently shoots out a lot of air at a low-pressure, so that user can efficiently create even tans. The units are also very manageable – they are very easily modifiable for use in either tight detailing tans or pattern spraying.

The very affordable Norvell sunless tanning spray booth is also one of the best-selling Norvel sunless products available. Salon owners love how easy it is to assemble and use. Best if all, it is very compact – it can fit in a space as small as 51/2 square feet, but it can also be expanded by about forty inches more for bigger tanning needs. Like most other Norvell sunless tanning products, the spray booth is very economical because it does away with overspray.

Also fast becoming indispensable to serious tanning salons is the Norvell overspray reduction fan, which is probably the most cost effective ways to fence in overspray mist. You can manually adjust this equipment's filtration level according to your needs. Replacement filters (either treated or untreated furnace filters) are very easy to find – you can purchase them from a local builder's supply store or even at discount stores.

Norvell has teamed up with Iwata to create what could possibly be the most crucial of all Norvell sunless products – the ‘Power Jet.' It has a strong twin-head compressor powered by 1/6 horsepower pulse-free motor designed to power up the spray tanning machines of professional tanning salon, even during peak hours. It is so powerful, in fact, that it can power two airbrushes simultaneously. This Norvell and Iwata innovation has 3.5 liters of air storage tank space, so the air pressure emitted remains steady and the machine operates quietly. You can very easily see and adjust the air pressure – each unit comes with a pressure gauge and air regulator.

Norvell solutions

Norvell sunless products also include cosmetic bronzers which they claim to be ‘perfectly blended' and DHA-based. These Norvell sunless products are all formulated to care for and protect skin as they color. They are made with only the most natural skin care ingredients, so they are safe for regular use. Best if all, these Norvell sunless products dry fast, so your customers never have to stay in the salon for hours. Special pricing on Norvell's comprehensive line of sunless solutions are available at special salon prices. You may call their toll-free number 888-829-2831 to talk to a customer service representative and ask for a price list, or request for one by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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