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Residential Tanning Beds

Do you know that you don't have to go to the beach and lie down under the sun for a couple of hours in order to get the tan you have always wanted? Now, you can turn your skin from dull to full of life even in the comfort of your own house by using residential tanning beds. You will get the glamorous, sexy bronze you have always wanted without spending ridiculous amounts of money. And the best part is, you stay healthy and protected throughout the process.

Bring the beach to your house

Use residential tanning beds to create a warm and exciting beach aura in your room and tan your skin whenever you want without actually going to the beach. There are different kinds of residential tanning beds, each with its own purpose.

Most of the traditional residential tanning beds are horizontal – you have to lie down while tanning. However, there are now vertical residential tanning beds (or standing booths) available in the market. These tanning booths require you to stand up while being tanned. The preference is yours – you just have to consider your comfort and the amount of space available in your house. Horizontal beds take up more space, while booths are almost only as big as small closets.

High technology tanning

Tanning beds are packed with lamps or bulbs that give off heat similar to that of the sun. Most residential tanning beds have anywhere from 10 to 24 bulbs, while most commercial tanning beds have more than 30. Residential tanning beds may either use UVA and UVB rays or UVA rays only.

Speedy tanning

The time it takes for you to get a tan depends on what bed you choose. As a general rule, tanning takes longer when you use tanning beds emitting both UVA and UVB rays. Expect to develop a visible skin tan in about four weeks, provided that you tan three to five times in a week for about 20 to 30 minutes per session. If you wan faster results, use tanning beds that emit UVA. You only need to expose yourself to these for about three to five times (moderate exposure) in a period of 10 to 14 days. To maintain the tan, continue using these beds two to three times a week.

Some precautions

Bear in mind that residential tanning beds are only alternative to sun tanning; they may have a lot of advantages, but they still carry risks. Since the heat they produce is almost the same heat that comes from the sun, extra precaution should be observed when using them. Set proper time limits, use sunscreens or sun blocks, and wear appropriate accessories such as goggles.

Use residential tanning beds properly to make sure you do not develop any skin complications. If you are an inexperienced tanner, it is a good idea to consult a dermatologist first, because your skin type may not be receptive to tans. This is especially true for people with very fair or freckly skin. If your skin is okay for tanning but you have never tanned indoors before, then try going to a tanning salon first before you invest in a residential tanning bed. See how you like the indoor tanning experience, and then decide on a purchase later.