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Canopy Tanning Units - Information and Reviews


The advantages of canopy tanning units

Canopy tanning units have become very popular alternatives to tanning beds and booths because of its obvious advantages. Here we discuss just some of the few reasons why a growing number of people are now switching to canopy tanning units, so you can decide if such a design is best for you too.

Price comparison

You already know they are cheaper, but just how cheap are they, really? The best way to see just how cheap canopy tanning units are is to compare their price tags with other kinds of indoor tanning equipment.

The cheapest tanning beds go for about $4,000 to $5,000. These units have all the basic features such as 100-watt lamps, acrylic panel, timer, etc. If you want to save space and a few thousand dollars, you can opt for tanning booths , which go for about $2,000 to $3,000. Also called stand up booths, they are great if you want even, more natural-looking tan, and usually come with all the tanning features you find in tanning beds (well, except the acrylic bed).

Now let us take a look at canopy tanning units. A decent model with a great movement range and more angles costs only around $750 – cheaper by at least $3,250 than the cheapest tanning bed. Add a few hundreds more and you will already get premium features such as more powerful and super-efficient lamps, steel body, gas-shock hinge control, hydraulic lift so you can easily adjust the height of the canopy, and many others. The SunQuest 2000s Tanning Canopy – a unit that has all these extras and more – goes for only about $1,100. These canopy tanning units are without a doubt a lot cheaper than conventional tanning beds and booths.

Space saving and portable

Unlike tanning beds and tanning booths that take up precious floor space, canopy tanning units easily roll into cabinets or behind doors. Just place them in an upright position and they are ready for storage.

Easy to use

What's more, most canopy tanning units arrive to your doorstep already fully assembled. You never have to deal with messy electrical components such as adaptors, etc. Simply adjust the canopy to your desired height and position and start tanning away.


More comfortable than tanning beds

Canopy tanning units do not enclose you in a tight, closed bed, so you can shift positions more easily as you wish. Simply adjust the height of the canopy tanning units to make more room and remain mobile as you tan.

All the essential features

Most canopy tanning units incorporate all the features you will find in traditional tanning beds and tanning booths. Canopy tanning units from SunQuest, for example, use 10 to 16 of the same 100-watt, high-output Wolff lamps you will find in their bed and both models to provide you with fast, deep tans. The units also have the same excellent internal cooling systems that maintain optimal machine temperature so that the lamps and other electrical components do not heat up as you tan. Most canopy tanning units do not have built-in timers, however, so this may be something you have to buy yourself.

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