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Excellence 800 Tanning Beds Review @ TB Central

Excellence 800 tanning bed review

Ergoline caused quite a stir in the tanning bed manufacturing industry when it launched the Excellence 800 tanning bed line, which is comparable to higher-end tanning beds that other manufacturers are also producing. I had to try it, of course, and after about twenty minutes of soaking in it I found out why the competitors are getting nervous. The Excellence 800 tanning bed is truly exceptional in terms of bulb power output, ergonomic engineering, and user-friendliness.

If looks could kill

The first thing I noticed about the Excellence 800 tanning bed is its unusual, very attractive color. I do not really know what it is called (maybe Mango graphite?) but it definitely set the bed apart from the rest. I find Ergoline's eagerness to come up with extraordinary color mixes for its bed really impressive. I was not shocked to see them manufacture the 850 and 880 (upgrades to the Excellence 800 tanning bed) in very interesting hues of fiery red.

Superb features

The Excellence 800 tanning bed line is packed with all the power that Ergoline prides itself for, such as the ‘Ultra VIT Max' technology that identifies and targets high-pressure parts of the body area for a more natural-looking, sun-kissed tan. The Excellence 800 tanning bed line also features Ergoline's patented ‘Temptronic' technology that recognizes that not all tanners have the same tolerance to heat, and therefore lets users control their own tanning temperature. Add in the ‘Vibra Sound' technology and it's very easy to see why the Excellence 800 tanning bed is preferred by almost all customers who have tried it before. The audio experience I got while inside the bed was so relaxing – the session felt less like a tanning session and more like a spa session. I almost did not want to get out of the bed.

The Excellence 800 tanning bed line also uses Ergoline's time-tested ‘Balanced Tan' technology, which refers to the intelligent positioning of the UV lamps in the tunnel for so that users get consistent tanning intensity throughout the body. But what I personally really find extraordinary is their ‘Ultra Performance Facial Tanner System.' In each Excellence 800 tanning bed are glass reflectors that multiply tanning intensity by at least 35 percent to give users a deeper, more intensive, and longer-lasting tan. The Ultra Performance Facial Tanner System works together with yet another Ergoline innovation – the ‘Ultra VIT Facial Tanner' technology – that is built around Ergoline's highly developed photometric engineering. The bed's facial tanners are positioned to give optimum, natural-looking facial tanning while glass reflectors and filter glass help.


Other extras

The Excellence 800 tanning bed can likewise be equipped with Ergoline's multi-vision system, which is – as far as I know – the only entertainment system of its kind in a tanning bed. The aim of the multi-vision system is to make every tanning session an audiovisual experience, and it sure does not fail in that regard. I got to watch television programs (some clients choose to watch "Color Moods," which is a form of light therapy).