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Home Tanning Bed Installation Services

Installing a Home Tanning Bed

Installing a home tanning bed is relatively easy. Most home tanning beds are designed to be compatible with home circuitry, so all you really have to do is plug it in and tan. But what if the tanning bed you are using is mismatched to the voltage in your home? That is when a problem comes in. Read on to find out how to solve it.

Checking for compatibility

Before you even plug your tanning bed into the wall socket, check the manufacturer's suggested voltage range. You can usually find this information from the installation and user guide. Most beds are compatible with 120V, making installing a home tanning bed so much easier. But in case the bed you bought is a bit more complicated (like those that require 218 to 230 volts), you may need an electrician's help. Have him or her test your voltage using a volt meter. If you have a solid background in electrical engineering, though, you can test the voltage yourself before installing a home tanning bed. Volt meters are available for as low as $15, anyway, so you may as well invest in one and keep it for future use.

What to do when your tanning bed and voltage do not match

If your home tanning bed requires voltage that is different from what you currently have in your home, you may need buck boosters (also known as ‘buck and boost' transformers). It is very important that you have these at hand before installing a home tanning bed that is incompatible with your current voltage facilities because applying the wrong amount of voltage to your bed can damage it (irreparably in some cases). If the voltage in your home is too low, the bed will not be able to tan you. If the voltage in your home is too high, the components of the bed may burn up.

Just because the realtor who sold you your house says that your voltage is 220, this does not mean that it really is. In most cases, the figure only indicates the electrical service. The real voltage in your house could be as low as 205 or high as 250. Never guess. Always measure your true voltage before installing a home tanning bed.

Buck boosters do not come with the tanning bed, so you have to purchase then separately (usually from an independent manufacturer). Hire a certified electrician to put it while installing a home tanning bed.

Free installation?

Installing a home tanning bed is something that you have to do yourself, because most tanning bed manufacturers and distributors do not offer the service. To make your life easier, at least pay the trucking company that will deliver your bed to do an ‘inside delivery' – that is, bring your tanning bed into your hoe and into the spot or room you intend to assemble it on. However, installing a home tanning bed and field testing it is a completely different story, and most manufacturers only do this for big tanning salons that place multiple orders. Nevertheless, you can try calling the sales representative from your tannin bed manufacturer to see if they could do this for you.

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