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Luxura Tanning Beds Review - Tanning Bed Central

One of ProSun's best-selling tanning bed models are Luxura tanning beds, which is part of the company's commercial beds line. These high-power, ultra-controllable tanning systems are found in almost every quality tanning salon. What's so special about Luxura tanning beds? It's all in the technology.

Different Luxura tanning beds

There are two kids of Luxura tanning beds classes, each one with at least two models under it. These different beds are designed for varying tanning requirements, space designs and budgets.

The Luxura 630 line. Luxura 630 SLi high intensive tanning beds are great for tanners needing better facial tans. Four 100-watt HPS facial lamps evenly color the face while high-power canopy and bed lamps contour the body. The SLi is very spacious, so that any user of any body type and size can comfortably position his or her body for optimal tanning. The SLi is also very popular for its breakthrough air conditioning feature, plus the recently added XSENS aromatherapy feature. Exposure time required is only 12 minutes.

The Luxura 630 line has another kind of bed – the Luxura 630 XLc. This family of Luxura tanning beds is also very high-powered even as it uses low-pressure lamps. Like the SLi, the XLx also has built-in facial tanners and higher UVB proportions in its pink lamps. Its interior is just as spacious – users can be optimally positioned for better tanning results. Like the SLi, it also has air conditioning and aromatherapy features.

The Luxura 530 line. Luxura tanning beds in the 530 class provide features that are just as powerful as Luxura tanning beds in the 630 line, except that they use reflector lamp technology and step-down facial tanners (530 SPr). These features allow the user to decide on and control the tanning intensity. It is complete with 27 canopy lamps, 18 bench lamps, and four HPS facial lamps for optimum tanning in the facial region.

Why buy Luxura tanning beds?

More and more tanning salons are investing in ProSun's high-end Luxura tanning beds line in order to stay in the cutting edge. The reason is simple: Luxura tanning beds tan better, make customers come back for more, and therefore increase profit margins.

Luxura tanning beds are manufactured by very experienced engineers ProSun's Florida facility. These tanning beds used to be distributed only in the United States , but they are now being exported to South and Central America.

ProSun attributes the success of the Luxura line to the well-oiled customer service team behind it. The balanced combination of marketing and customer support keep buyers satisfied and ready to invest in newer models. ProSun's customer service facility lets clients get personalized assistance about everything, from ordering to delivery to technical help and maintenance. Customers can either call or send an email to the company to get immediate assistance when they need it. The company even recently redesigned its website to be more user-friendly. Interested buyers can now click and point intuitively to Luxura tanning beds and other ProSun beds, get warranty information, access troubleshooting and help pages, register their Luxura tanning beds, and even get immediate assistance.