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Where to Buy Stand Up Tanning Booths

Buying stand up tanning booths

It is obvious many people are buying stand up tanning booths. These booths are becoming affordable, are proven to give more natural-looking tans, and best of all, are very space-saving (which is a very important consideration for smaller tanning salons and small-space households). Read on to find out more about buying stand up tanning booths.

Faster turn around, more clients

People are also buying stand up tanning booths for another more important reason – they seem to be more hygienic. Tanners never have to lay down on acrylic surfaces or have any contact with the equipment to get a fast, even tan. Tanning salon owners are thrilled at this innovation. Now, their clients come in and get out of the salon faster, freeing up the booths for other customers.


Competition is forcing manufacturers to lower their prices, and this is good news for both tanning salon owners and home tanners interested in purchasing a unit. Buying stand up tanning booths has never been easier. You can already get a decent, 48-lamp model with a stainless steel body for about $9,000 or less. Add in some more lamps (six at a time) and pay only about $1,000 more. You even have the option to purchase an adjacent ‘dressing room' for only about $1,300 to $1,500. These low prices confirm that buying stand up tanning booths is great way to start or expand a tanning salon business, and is an affordable residential tanning option. You can even apply for financing if you are not ready to buy stand up tanning booths with cash. A lot of retailers offer lease financing options so you can choose the payment terms and schedules that best complement your own or your tanning salon's financial position.

Some considerations (for home tanners)

If you are interested in buying stand up tanning booths for home use, read this first. Like all tanning equipment, tanning booths have gotten slightly unfavorable opinions from some health experts. It helps to know what health concerns have been raised against these beds before you invest in them. One such concern (exclusive to stand up tanning booths) is eye damage. Some studies show that using stand up tanning booths without eye protection can give you cataracts and corneal burns. In some extreme cases, your retina might even get damaged. So be sure to also buy eye protection and other protective gadgets when you are buying stand up tanning booths.

It is a good idea to consult your doctor before you get decided on buying stand up tanning booths. You cannot use it if you are taking some kinds of medications such as certain types of antibiotics, high blood pressure medications, diuretics, diabetes medications, and tranquilizers (to name a few). Some types of birth control pills can also affect your body's reaction to stand up tanning booths, so ask your doctor before you do anything.

The key to building a great tan after buying stand up tanning booths is moderation. Never overextend the ideal tanning times. You should also start with shorter time intervals if you are a new tanner. Tan regularly so that you would gradually be able to build up your tanning booth sessions as your skin gets used to the routine.