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Sunvision Elite 30 Tanning Bed - Independant Review

Sunvision elite 30 tanning bed review

Sunvision has always been popular for its superb line of residential tanning beds, and the Sunvision Elite 30 does not disappoint. With 30 ultra-tanning lamps built in a tunnel-like frame for all-angle tanning, this model is certainly god enough for commercial use (but still cheap enough for home use).

View from outside

Sunvision Elite 30 is made from Sunvision's signature ‘DuraMax' material, putting it among the most hard-wearing tanning beds in the market today. The combination of specially shaped aluminum and steel makes the bed's mainframe easy to maintain, resistant to corrosion and impervious to everyday wear and tear. When you invest in a Sunvision Elite 30, you are investing in a tanning bed that you can enjoy for decades.

The Sunvision Elite 30 also features well-located sliding utility drawers so that you can access its internal components easily, without having to reposition the bed at all.

Lamp positioning

Despite its modest price tag, Sunvision Elite 30 does not scrimp on features – in fact, it has everything that higher-end tanning beds in Sunvision's Gold Medal Series line have. It has the exclusive ‘Speed' tanning components and the pioneering ‘Biotech' tunnel architecture to make tanning faster and more efficient. The Biotech principle works simply but effectively – the seven-foot tanning surface is curved, providing all-angle tanning while cradling you in a comfy resting position. Just relax in the Sunvision Elite and let the Wolff lamps surround you, and you will come out evenly bronzed in no time. Sunvision Elite 30's canopy has 16 lamps while the bench has 14, so you are tanned consistently. The optional lamps over the facial area are spread out for an even wider tanning coverage. Sunvision Elite 30's acrylic sheets and specially-glossed aluminum reflectors are designed to help your skin absorb UV rays more, and therefore help make tanning faster and make results darker.

Add-on features

You can also purchase very useful Sunvision Elite 30 add-ons to make your tanning experience even more delightful. The unit already comes with patented ‘Superflow' internal cooling system and highly developed ‘after tan' cooling system, but you can always add body cooling fans for regulating the temperature inside the bed as you tan. You can even add stereo speakers and play your favorite tunes as you get bronzed up. Now, that's ultimate tanning spa experience right in your own home.



Sunvision Elite 30 tanning beds are retailed at about $6,000, but you can get them for as low as $4,500 (without facial tanning lamps). You don't have to pay cash – in fact, many buyers prefer to buy their Sunvision Elite 30 on installment. The average monthly interest rate is about annual 1.66 percent (or roughly 19.9 percent a year). The financing firm with whom the Sunvision Elite 30 retailer is affiliated will usually investigate your credit history before granting you a loan. There are many different kinds of term options, so be sure to explore everything first before you sign up for anything. Remember that tax and freight charges are still usually not included in the computation of your monthly dues, so be prepared to shoulder those. All Sunvision Elite 30 units come with a standard limited lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that your investment is protected.

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