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Sunvision elite 48v - Independant Review


Like many salon owners, I am constantly on the lookout for economical but highly-effective tanning beds for my clients' diverse requirements. I ran into a little bit of a challenge while I was looking for reasonably priced vertical booths for clients who preferred stand-up, no contact tanning. Luckily I found Sunvision Elite 48V – probably the best valued tanning equipment I have ever invested in. The machine almost doubled my client base. In fact, I am already planning to get another Sunvision Elite 48V unit within a month.

Best features on a low price tag

Sunvision Elite 48V retails at around $7,500, but it certainly looks much more extravagant. It is made of heavy-duty DuraMax frame (a combination of aluminum and steel), and at 42 inches in diameter and 96 inches in height, it is roomy enough so that clients can comfortably move inside. Best of all, the electrical panels are easily accessible from outside when you swing open the doors, which means that you can easily adjust and replace components without ever having to move it. It's also very space-saving. The Sunvision Elite 48V rooms in my salon are only about 36 square feet – and there is still a lot of space for my attendants and clients to move in!

But the beauty of the Sunvision Elite 48V is really in its tanning features. I can safely say that it has all the top of the line features of tanning equipment that are sold for at least double its price. The revolutionary stand-up design is best for clients who do not like contact with boards while tanning. Sunvision Elite 48V really makes tanning process simpler. The booth is engineered to effectively position the client in the tanning intensity, so you are evenly showered with bronzing, all-over tanning power. The client can simply step into the Sunvision Elite 48V, and then step out with a perfect even tan 10 minutes later.

Sunvision Elite 48V's unique stand-up position also makes tanning more comfortable for clients. The design permits a ‘chimney effect,' so that the interior remains cool during the tanning session. Each Sunvision Elite 48V is also equipped with 3000cfm cooling fans for even better ventilation.


Why clients love it

I asked my regular salon clients why they prefer to use the Sunvision Elite 48V over my salon's other tanning beds, and their reasons were unanimous: they find it more hygienic and much easier to use. People who prefer no-contact tanning love the fact that they can just stand inside the booth and get even tanning – something they cannot do with conventional tanning beds that require them to lay flat on a (possibly dirty) panel board.

Clients who ask for the Sunvision Elite 48V when they come in the salon also love the no-fuss tanning procedure. The whole process takes about 15 minutes, tops – 10 minutes is spent inside the booth, and the other five is spent prepping and after-tanning touchups. Most of my clients even come during their lunch breaks and even manage to get a manicure after – that's how quick and easy it is.

So if you are looking for an economical tanning booth for your salon, I highly recommend the Sunvision Elite 48V. It is effective, convenient, and best for smaller spaces. If you are ready to increase your client base exponentially, invest in Sunvision Elite 48V. You'll see your revenues climb up in no time.