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Sunvision Pro 24s Tanning Beds - Independant Review

Sunvision Pro 24S tanning bed review

Among the most affordable tanning beds in the market today are Sunvision Pro 24S beds. But do not let its modest price tag fool you, because units in this Wolff line are just as serious and hardworking as higher-end models, too. And although Sunvision Pro 24S tanning beds are originally made for home use, more and more commercial tanning salons are now using them too. Find out why.

Powerful tanning

The Sunvision Pro 24S has fewer lamps than its higher-end counterparts, but this does not diminish its tanning power. It has 24 very highly efficient, 100 watt tanning lamps from no less than industry leader Wolff. The lamps are strategically positioned to deliver serious bronzing, so you can come out only 20 minutes later with a dark, even, and consistent head-to-toe tan.

Best features at a low price

Sunvision Pro 24S has all the features of high-end beds at a fraction of the cost. It has a built-in, state of the art digital timer for accurately monitoring tanning times on top of a high-tech security timer. Every unit is pre-wired so that it can remotely hook up to an optional Wolff-developed TMAX timer. Best of all, the Sunvision Pro 24S is very easy to maintain – it uses the revolutionary Quick Clip system that lets you easily access and replace all parts without ever moving the bed. Just snap the strategically located clips open and slide the acrylic cover out to change lamps, clean the reflectors, etc.

Easy upgrade

If you ever want to upgrade your Sunvision Pro 24S, you never have to spend too much, either. Affordable body cooling fans that do not scrimp on power are available as optional add-ons. The body cooling fans augment the beds built-in internal cooling system (branded ‘Superflow') and highly developed after tan cooling systems. You may likewise purchase an IFT face tanner (branded SolarMaxTM) to make your Sunvision Pro 24S even more powerful. These facial tanning lamps are specially designed to beautifully and evenly color the face area, which is a bit difficult to tan.

Electrical Requirements

Sunvision Pro 24S run on regular 215 to 230 VAC, 220 volt dedicated circuit, and a 20 amp circuit breaker. If your exiting outlets do not support this voltage, you may need to purchase a buck booster (probably .5 KVA). Buck boosters are available from Sun Enterprises, too, so you never have to look far. Ask a professional electrician to determine if you need such a voltage converter even before you buy your Sunvision Pro 24S to avoid inconvenience. Also be sure to ask your electrician if you will be needing a 20 amp NEMA #6-20R receptacle, which is also available from Sun Enterprises.



Like all Sunvision products, the Sunvision Pro 24S comes with adequate warranties to give you peace of mind. Just stick to the conditions when having your unit repaired (such as taking it only to authorized repair centers), and there should be no problem. Some retailers can even offer extended warranty. Ask about this option.