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Tanning Canopy Beds - An Independent Review

Tanning canopy beds reviews

Tanning canopy beds used to be considered ‘second-rate' tanning equipment – inferior to the more expensive and more luxurious looking tanning beds and tanning booths. But more and more people are beginning to realize just how versatile tanning canopy beds are, and brands like the SunQuest Canopy Series (by ETS) are becoming very marketable. Let us review its features so you can decide if it is right for you.


The latest tanning canopy beds in the SunQuest Canopy Series now have 10 body lamps that work exactly like regular tanning lamps do – they simulate the rays of the sun by emitting UV rays, thereby promoting melanin production that is vital to while helping the body produce vitamin D. This is a vast improvement from the older tanning canopy beds in the same series, which only had six lamps.

The latest tanning canopy beds are made of the same combination of aluminum and steel (Duramax) that most tanning beds are made of. The canopy is curved to hold the lamps strategically, giving you a natural-looking tan. The typical tanning session in the tanning canopy beds in the SunQuest Canopy Series take about half an hour.


The tanning canopy beds in the SunQuest Canopy Series are powered by 120-volt dedicated circuits, a 15-amp circuit breakers, and 120-volt NEMA #5-15R Receptacle. The canopies are so convenient – they work on almost all kinds of dedicated standard household circuits. The tanning canopy beds all come with a security timer as well as a protective grid for the canopy.

Exclusive features

But what's so amazing about the tanning canopy beds in the SunQuest Canopy Series is its portability. It features hinge controls that work on gas shock, powered by patented ‘hydro lift' technology that makes it very easily adjustable to the user's preferred height. The same technology allows users to adjust the angles of the canopy in order to complete side-to-side bronzing coverage.

The tanning canopy beds can also be folded vertically and rolled away into a cabinet for storage, making it very ideal for homes that do not have a lot of space. They are so compact, in fact, that they only take u about 15 square feet when set up – that's about one third of the space needed for even the most compact tanning beds.



The tanning canopy beds in the SunQuest Canopy Series for about $700 to $1,100, depending on the model and peripherals. They are available in three sizes to suit every requirement. They are also very easy to use – you just plug it into a regular household outlet and it is all set to go. Put the canopy above you as you recline on the sofa or the bed, or sit in a lounge chair. Set the timers to your desired tanning time and relax. That is all it takes to get an even, natural-looking tan right in your own home.

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