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Find Used Home Tanning Beds From Tanning Bed Central

If you are like thousands of budget-conscious tanners tired of going to the tanning salon every week and paying hundreds of dollars every month, then buying used home tanning beds is a great option for you. Used home tanning beds allow you to enjoy the benefits of tanning privately in your own home in your own convenient time while saving you thousands of dollars. But remember – if you are not careful, you might get a problematic unit and end up paying more trying to fix it. Here are some tips to help you make sure that the used home tanning beds you are eyeing are worth your money.

Buy like you are buying a car . Used home tanning beds are relatively big investments, so you must take the same precautions that you do when you are buying a used car. Know what tanning bed model your are buying, when it was manufactured, where you can get replacement parts, how expensive the replacements parts are, etc. be sure to check of the warranty is still in force. Also ask for original care and usage booklets of the owner still has them.

Be sure it is safe. Avoid used home tanning beds that were manufactured way before the time when UVB rays were introduced. Very old tanning beds still emit UVA rays, which are harmful to your skin's health (and your overall well being, too). If you have to buy used home tanning beds, check to make sure that they already use the much safer UVB light, which has been shown to cause less side effects and complications than UVA light.

Do not scrimp on lamps. Some used home tanning beds are incredibly cheap for one reason – they do not tan enough. Cheaper units usually lack tanning lamps, causing them tan unevenly or worse, not have any tanning power at all. How do you know how many lamps are ideal? There's no hard and fast rule, but based on my experience, used home tanning beds with only ten lamps are not enough to consistently tan the whole body. That is why you should choose only used home tanning beds with at least 24 lamps. They may cost a few hundreds (or thousands) more than low-lamp used home tanning beds, but their faster tanning times and more even results make them worth the extra money in the long run.

Find out why the owner is selling it. The reason for the owner's willingness to let go of the tanning bed can say a lot about its condition. If the owner says that he or she is selling it because of some malfunction (such as problematic timers or bested bulbs that are hard to replace), then find another bed. If the original owner cannot seem to find a way to fix the problem, what makes you think you can? Unless you are an electrical engineer, it is best to just go for used home tanning beds that are fully-functional. If the buyer demonstrates that all the used home tanning bed's features are working and says that he or she is only selling it because of money problems or because he or she is moving, then the bed is worth considering.

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