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Buy used Tanning Beds in Maryland, USA

Buying used tanning beds in Maryland

Have you ‘looked everywhere' but still cannot seem to buy used tanning beds in Maryland ? Chances are, you were looking in all the wrong places. Here are some expert tips on how to find the used tanning bed retailers you are looking for not just in Maryland, but in any state for that matter.

Tip Number 1: If they repair it, they probably sell it.

Most used tanning bed retailers are not even listed as sellers – they are listed as repair centers for old tanning beds. That's right – those used tanning bed repair shops you simply glossed over when you were too looking for a shop to buy used tanning beds in Maryland are probably selling units, too. Many of these repair shops carry used, refurbished, or reconditioned tanning beds from almost every manufacturer. It's common to walk into their shop and see ‘orphaned' units that have not been claimed by their owners already up for sale, and also units that they themselves have bought from formers owners and have reconditioned back to health.

What exactly do these repair shops do to used beds before they sell it to you? It depends on the condition of the bed when it was brought in. Some beds have acrylics that need to removed and replaced, some only require cleaning and dusting, some have old or missing bulbs that had to be changed, etc. Before you buy used tanning beds in Maryland , be sure to ask the repair shop exactly what they did with the bed. It helps to know the history of the unit so you can anticipate problems before they get worse, or at least prepare yourself for future glitches.


Tip Number 2: Ask the electrician.

If you are a tanning salon owner who is either building or expanding your business, you probably know a licensed electrician who does build-out services. He or she might just be able to tell you where to buy used tanning beds in Maryland . These electricians probably know where to point you because they usually do electrical work for possible used tanning bed sources – salons that are closing down, individuals who are thinking of selling their tanning beds to make way for new ones, and even refurbishing shops that let you to buy used tanning beds in Maryland themselves.

Tip Number 3: Visit online directories.

Ditch your trusty yellow pages and go online instead. You will find a lot of specialized directories that bring sellers and buyers of used tanning beds together – and you will be surprised to learn that there are thousands of you! Sign up (some sites are free but others ask for a minimum membership fee) and you can already gain access to forums and classifieds sections that allow you to input your own want ad. Just let sellers know you are looking and you will probably receive hundreds of offers instantly – you just may be able to buy used tanning beds in Maryland faster than you had imagined. You can also browse around the directories for specific brands and models you are looking for. Some sites also let you specify the vicinity from which you want to buy (in this case, Maryland ) to make your searches relevant.

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