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Make the Right Choices When Buying Used Tanning Equipment

Tips for buying used tanning equipment

Buying tanning equipment is already hard, but buying used tanning equipment is even harder. Used tanning equipment usually do not come with full manufacturer's warranties anymore, so if something goes wrong, you usually have to shoulder everything from parts to service. This is why you should be extra careful. But how can you tell which used tanning equipment is high quality and which one is not, especially if you are buying online? Here are some tips.

Check the shipping weight . It is almost impossible to tell if the used tanning equipment you want to buy from a website is hardwearing because all you have is a picture. The owner may claim that it is made of solid stainless steel, but how can you be sure? Look at the shipping weight. Used tanning equipment made of real heavy-duty materials are typically heavier. This may mean that you have to pay much more in shipping, but at least you know you are getting a quality unit.

Go for ‘refurbished.' Used tanning equipment are generally classified into three – refurbished, reconditioned, and remanufactured. Of all these three types, refurnished ones are the least likely to be problematic. Most refurbished used tanning equipment have simply been tidied up and polished because they do not require any major repairs to begin with. Reconditioned units, on the other hand, have probably already been repaired in some way to make them work again. This means that a part or parts of the used tanning equipment have already conked out before, and may conk out again. There are also remanufactured versions. Such used tanning equipment have literally been sent back to the manufacturers and brought back to life by their expert technicians. This could be good or bad, depending on how you look at the situation. In one hand, the used tanning equipment must have been in such bad shape that it had to be returned to its manufacturer. But on the other hand, the used tanning equipment must be working perfectly again, having been completely overhauled.

If it has extended warranty options, then give it a chance. You can usually ask used tanning equipment retailers to give you extended warranty for both parts and services for at least three months. Business that specialize in selling used tanning equipment are usually lenient on this, especially if they are confident about their products. When you are dealing with registered retailers, your chances of getting discounts also goes up –especially if you are buying more than one piece of used tanning equipment. The only downside to buying from registered retailers is that their used tanning equipment tend to be more expensive (since they source their items from individual sellers and then jack up the price). You can take the risk and buy from an individual seller who can probably give you a better price, but do not expect to get the same warranties and discounts.