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Best Places for Indoor Tanning - Reviews & Critiques

Best Places For Indoor Tanning

The demand for indoor tanning in the United States has grown substantially in the last 25 years. Numerous salons have been put up in thousands of towns across the US to meet the demand, thus making the indoor tanning business very lucrative. Today, 10 percent of Americans visit indoor tanning salons every year. With the countless number of salons out there, how do you know the best places for indoor tanning for your specific requirements? Here are some tips on what to look out for.

Professional and accredited

There are some associations like the Indoor Tanning Association (ITA) that are made up of professionals from every sector of the indoor tanning industry. They require high standards for membership, so if a tanning salon makes it to their membership list, you can be sure that it is one of the best places for indoor tanning. Accreditation by national industry organizations could boost a tanning salon's its reputation and lessen the risk of malpractice in the part of the salon.

FDA Approved

Be sure that equipment and devices used by the salon are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Board, which implements the highest standard for safety in the United States . Only eth e best places for indoor tanning get FDA approval and even endorsement. The FDA approval also tells you that a salon's staff has professionalism and abides by the best practices in indoor tanning.

Other Guidelines

Here are some basic things that you need to consider before choosing an indoor tanning salon:

• Make sure that the salon conducts a customer profile and assesses your skin type. The best places for indoor tanning make it a point to recommend the right kind of tanning equipment and tanning products for your skin. If your skin is not fit for tanning (if it is too fair or freckly, for example), you can expect the best places for indoor tanning to tell that to you as well.

• The best places for indoor tanning offer protective eye goggles and lotion immediately, whether for a fee or free of charge.

• The salon should change bulbs for tanning beds regularly. The best places for indoor tanning do not fool their customers into using tanning beds or booths with old, ineffective tanning lamps.

• The salon should clean the tanning beds and equipment in between customers. The best places for indoor tanning are very hygienic.

• Make sure that procedures and the proper use of equipment are explained thoroughly to you, especially if it is your first time. The best places for indoor tanning have a competent staff who does not mind answering your questions.

• An orientation on skin protection and a rundown of tanning precautions – no matter how short – should be conducted the minute you walk in.


Unfortunately, some of the best places for indoor tanning are also quite expensive because the demand for their services is very high. Expect to pay almost double what other tanning salon start ups pay. If you do the math, though, you will understand why they are more than worth the few hundred extra dollars you paid for them.

Some Suggestions

A members list of the ITA can be found at this link:www.theita.com. You can also check out recommendations from the Indoor Tanning Salon
Magazine Looking Fit or visit their website at: www.lookingfit.com . Sites like losangeles.citysearch.com, ranks the best places for indoor tanning (top seven Sunless Tanning Salons in Los Angeles ).

Whatever tanning salon you choose, be sure that you are making an informed choice. It is still best to consult with an expert for health and safety reasons. D o get testimonials and recommendations from friends or acquaintances that have had a successful indoor tanning. They just may be able to point you to the best places for indoor tanning.