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Sunless Home Tanning Products Canada

Sunless Home Tanning In Canada

Sun bathing has always been the traditional way to get our precious tan. We spend hours and hours lying on the hot beach sand in order to get that special color people are usually envious about. Though sun bathing is a great way to achieve this change of skin tone, there are also other ways in attaining this. One of them is sunless tanning wherein you apply a sunless tanning product on your skin to become the bronze god or goddess you wish to be. This is the reason why many people are now investing in sunless home tanning in Canada . Find out exactly what the perks of having your own sunless home tanning in Canada are, and who knows? You just may decide to treat yourself and invest in your very own sunless home tanning in Canada , too.

How sunless tanning works

The process of sunless tanning is quite simple. Most sunless tanning products contain a colorless sugar called dihydroxyacetone or DHA. Once you have applied the product on your skin, this active ingredient interacts with dead skin cells allowing a change of color to occur. This color change usually lasts around five to seven days and after that, it is time to apply the product again.

Why should I invest in sunless home tanning in Canada?

You ask, why should we use these products when we could simply go to the beach and lie on the sand? Due to the increasing number of skin related disease cases in the world every year, people now opt to use tanning lotions. As stated above, most tanning products contain an active ingredient called DHA which allows the tanning process to happen. Research shows that not only does DHA allow our skin to change in tone, it also protects us from UVA rays which are linked to be the cause of various skin diseases such as skin cancer. So, sunless home tanning in Canada do not only make us look good – they also keep our skin healthy and disease-free.

The tan without the sun

Sunless home tanning products in Canada come in different shapes and forms. The most popular kind and widely used product are lotions. You simply rub it on your skin and presto! You get a beautiful tan that would last for a week.

But if you are really on the go and have no time to apply lotion on your skin, then products related to sunless home tanning in Canada are best for you. Choose easy to apply, spray on tans because they are truly convenient, and act more like makeup which sticks to your skin for a week. These products are usually part of packages from companies that specialize in setting up sunless home tanning in Canada .

Price range

Indeed, beauty comes with a price because products related to sunless home tanning in Canada are not cheap. Au Courant, a French cosmetic line that is also available in Canada , offers different kinds of tanning products which you could purchase over the Internet. They cost about $15 to $19 a bottle. So if you don't mind the price, then you can get the perfect tan without the sun.