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Sunless Tanning Products in France

About Sunless Tanning Products In France

If you are living in France and thinking about opening your own tanning salon (or creating your own tanning experience right in your own home), there are several options available to you. Many companies that offer sunless tanning products in France also offer a full range of services – everything from spray-on tanning to tanning bed sales and services. Here is a list of some of the sunless tanning services and products that are offered by the the more popular sunless tanning companies in France .

Spray-on Tanning

When looking for sunless tanning products in France , your options are essentially limited to two: spray-on tanning products or ultraviolet (UV) tanning products. The first involves applying different compounds onto the skin to induce a tanned look on it. This is more like a high-end version of body-painting – and since the skin is not exposed to any UV radiation, the health risks are reduced.

Two of the best manufacturers of spray-on tanning products in France are Pleine Vie and Au Courant. Since most people who consider the health risks of UV-driven tanning beds and booths not worthwhile, their best bet would be spray-on tanning. Since both Pleine Vie and Au Courant offer products that are tested safe by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States and make products from ingredients that are completely organic, they cater to the segment of the market that requires safety along with beauty. Visit www.pleine-vie.com or www.aucourant.com for more details on their products.


UV-Exposure Tanning Beds

Traditional UV tanning beds are still popular and they still make them in France . Use them with sunless tanning products in France and your tan will surely be perfect. Heliotec is one of the more popular manufacturers of tanning beds in France .

Sunless tanning products in France work with tanning beds to recreate the natural conditions in which the skin tans normally. In short, the skin is exposed to high amounts of UV radiation which causes it to produce a chemical called melanin, thereby darkening the skin. Tans from tanning beds and sunless tanning products in France generally last longer than airbrush tanning, and they are more durable as well.

Use of exfoliating products and loofahs can shorten the lifespan of your tan considerably, so avoid using these products with sunless tanning products in France .

As for the health risks, most tanning beds use UVA radiation which produces the same tan without introducing the risks of UVB, which is the true cause for concern. For example, Heliotec's Saturn model of tanning beds uses thirty-two 100-watt bulbs and nineteen 25-watt bulbs to recreate the sun's tanning capacity. This model produces more UV radiation than the sun, but without the damaging effects of UVB, hence ensuring your safety. Use this bed with sunless tanning products in France and your tan will be even, natural looking and healthy every time.