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Suntanning Galleries - Find Your Local Salon

If you still haven't been to any sun tanning galleries, you are missing a lot. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit one in North York , and I enjoyed the experience. The place is called Urban Sun Tanning Gallery of the popular UrbanSun Group of Companies. From the moment I walked in the door to the time I walked out with the perfect bronze, I was treated like a princess. You should try it, too.

What are sun tanning galleries ?

Sun tanning galleries like Urban Sun are essentially tanning salons, but they distinguish themselves by offering a more laid back, spa-like environment. The Urban Sun Tanning Gallery I visited in Lawrence East in North York did exactly this – the staff was polite, the surroundings were very calm, and I was able to relax completely during the tanning process. Urban Sun has other sun tanning galleries in Eglington East in Kennedy and at Victoria Park in Shepard (both in Scarborough), and from what I hear, these sun tanning galleries are great, too.

Equipment in sun tanning galleries

The Urban Sun I went to had a wide range of tanning beds. I was able to use the Euro, which is the bed they use for beginners like me. He Euro is actually German-made unit manufactured by SonnenBraune. I noticed that it has 28 lamps, and even comes with a facial tanner (which is surprising, considering that most ‘beginner beds' do not come with facial tanning equipment). Urban Sun says that it has the Euro in all three of its sun tanning galleries, so I suggest you ask for it if you intend to go. My base tan looks great – and I do not think it would turn out to be this good if they made me use another bed.

After my tan, the attendant gladly showed me around the facility so I could check out what other facilities they have. She showed me The Elixir, which is a premium bed for advanced tanners. It has 36 lamps (wow!) and facial tanners – three 650-watt lamps to be exact. She says that The Elixir is one of the most-preferred beds in all three of their sun tanning galleries because it is so comfortable to use, having modifiable cooling and facial controls and all. She also showed me another favorite, the Orbit and Starship, which is a stand up tanning unit that uses engineered light spectrum to give users the deepest, darkest tans – in only 16 minutes. Perfect for people in a hurry, and also great for some tanners who do not like contact while tanning. It has 60 ultra strong 220-watt lamps. It's one of the most powerful tanning units they have in their sun tanning galleries.

Finally, she showed me their Mystic Tan system – the non-UV spray on tan system that is also fast becoming popular in Urban Sun tanning galleries. I could not believe that the tanning process in Mystic Tan only takes one minute! It's a very safe alternative to regular indoor tanning, too, since there are no UV rays involved. You simply stand in the booth and let the machine's MagneTan technology work. Your skin will be strategically sprayed with a revolutionary aloe vera-based tanning solution that is safe, long-lasting, and gives you a natural looking tan.

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