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Tanning Salons in Torrance , California

Despite the nearness of the beach (and the sun that awaits you), many Californians prefer tanning salons because they get the job done faster. And despite the risks of the high-UV environment of a tanning bed, they still prefer this kind of sunless tanning because it is safer than prolonged exposure to the sun. There are two popular tanning salons in Torrance , California —Cop-A-Tan and Le Beach Club-- and they both offer a wide range of tanning services.



The Cop-A-Tan is one of the few tanning salons in Torrance , California that has been operating for more than twenty years, and is considered to be one of the finest tanning facilities in southern California . The two Cop-A-Tan outlets in Torrance offer sunless tanning, tanning beds, and a wide range of tanning lotions and oils.

For those into the sunless variety that other tanning salons in Torrance , California cannot provide , Cop-A-Tan offers Mystic Tan TM , a completely safe, UV-free tanning experience. Clients are sprayed with the tanning solution inside the Mystic Tan booth and then dried off, leaving a completely even tan in just sixty seconds. The secret to the evenness of the tan is in the specially-patented MagneTan nozzles which ensure consistency when spraying the client with the tanning solution.

For those who prefer the more traditional method of ultraviolet tanning that is not available in other tanning salons in Torrance , California , Cop-A-Tan offers the state-the-art Orbit Bed. Driven by eleven thousand watts of tanning power, the Orbit Bed, named so for its elliptical shape, surrounds the client and makes a long-lasting tan in as little as six minutes. Designed by Original Dr. Müller, long recognized as a leader in the manufacturing of tanning beds, the Orbit Bed is a perfect solution for anyone wanting a tan without having to sit in the sun all day.

Le Beach Club

Le Beach Club has likewise been in business for more than twenty years, helping many Californians with their tanning needs. Like its Southside rival, it also offers both the Mystic Tan sunless tanning booth and the Orbit Bed. But in addition, Le Beach Club is one of the very few tanning salons in Torrance, California that has Super Intensity Wolff Facial Bed which has forty-three lamps, all designed to give a complete and even tan from the top of your head to the soles of your feet.

Never-ending trend

Tanning salons are a big hit in Torrance . Even though it has several beaches in the community where its residents can actually get a tan under the heat of the sun, tanning salons in Torrance , California are still present and very popular. Businessmen have anticipated that the city residents' busy daily living could prevent them from going to the beach regularly to get their tan. Hence, tanning salons become popular.

Almost all tanning salons in Torrance , California are outfitted with the newest tanning facilities such as tanning booths -- you only have to stand up inside a cubicle and let small nozzles spray tan all over your body according to your desired degree of skin color. There are also tanning beds installed with lamps that give off similar heat to that of the sun.