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Sunstar Tanning Beds

Sunstar tanning beds have long been favorites of tanning salon owners like me because they have all the special features of commercial beds without the hefty price tag. In fact, I have all four Sunstar models in my salon: the ZX 30, ZX 30 3F, ZX32, and ZX32 3F. And I am pleased to report that all of them work perfectly. I got the return on my investment fairly quickly because my clients just love them. Interested in getting these beds for your salon? Let me walk you through the features.

High-end design

Sunstar tanning beds are complete with commercial standard 30 lamps (at least) and breakthrough computer engineered BioTech tunnels and mainframe that give consistent, fast, and total tanning from all angles. Combined with the curved wide tanning surface and staggered lamp positioning, Sunstar tanning beds undoubtedly make tanning less time-consuming and more even. The beds also come with specially designed reflectors that conserve energy without sacrificing tanning power, and acrylic sheets that extend the penetrating power of UV light. Unlike lower-end tanning beds, Sunstar beds also have more accurate digital timers and hour meters so you can monitor tanning activity more efficiently.


Each Sunstar tanning unit is made of the manufacturer's patented Duramax materials (hardwearing mainframe made of aluminum and steel), guaranteeing its durability and making it a prudent investment especially for serious tanning salons with sizeable operations. Best of all, Sunstar tanning beds are very easy to maintain. Its patented QuickClip system makes it very easy to replace the lamps and reflectors. Do you want your clients to be extra comfortable while tanning? Simply clip on body cooling fans.

Comprehensive warranty

Aside from a two-year extended warranty, Sunstar tanning beds also come with limited lifetime service contracts so you never have to worry when your unit does not perform as it should. The manufacturer understands that tanning beds are big investments for both salons and individual users, and is ready to give ample after-sales protection for as long as you need it.

Low price


At a time when commercial tanning beds go as high as $30,000, Sunstar tanning beds are already available for as low as $7,000. You and your salon clients can enjoy all the superior features of more expensive tanners without breaking the bank. Why pay too much for a tanning bed that does the same thing? Buy several Sunstar tanning beds instead and multiply your salon's productive capacity. Sunstar tanning beds are about 86.5 feet long, 40 inches wide, and 52 inches high (on the average), so you only need about a 63 square feet of space for one unit. Four Sunstar tanning beds comfortably fit in my tanning salon, and there is still ample room for a wide reception and waiting area, dressing rooms, and a kitchen for my staff. I could safely say that Sunstar tanning beds give the nest value for money. These beds are every tanning salon owner's dream – at least I know they are mine. I intend to buy more units as my clientele grows. If you are in the market for economical tanning beds that work like high-end beds, then take a long hard look at Sunstar tanning beds – they just might work for you!

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